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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Listen while I

Ok I was a lady of few words in my last post... the reason for that is below.... can you guess what it is???? Put your coffee down before you read on... no compensation given if you spit it all over yer keyboard.
It's me bl**dy hair!!!!!!!
Now I thought I would be well into my eighties before I got my first lilac rinse... you know... the time for putting yer feet up and knitting shreddies like the knitting nanna's on the telly.
Well that was before I had a brainwave and decided to use a new colour on my hair. I've dyed my own hair for over 20 years since the first signs of my Mallen streak appeared white before my eyes.
So no probs thought I when I decided to use an ever just so slightly lighter colour than before... followed the instructions to a T no over timing etc etc etc
Stuck me head over the sink and rinsed............ WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
I NOOOOO LIKE IT!!!! rofpmsl!!!
So now I've got to go through the whole thing again.... I'm traumatised I am :D s'not bloomin' fair.
So you can guess what I'll be doin' tonight... it definately WON'T be watching TV with me feet up.
Just as well I keep a supply of hair dye at hand... that'll teach me to be clever... bottle blonde is definately not just bottle blonde... it depends on what bottle it comes out of :D

Did you notice I didn't show you a shot of me face.... that's cos red and lilac aren't really that pretty

Have a great evening all
Chris xx


Unknown said...

awwww Chris xxxx

I'm quite talented at turning my hair green pmsl

Anonymous said...

Aw Chris...
I am expert at leopard skin look here!!!!with a few orange blobs thrown in!!!!
Now that worrying...rofl...
It dosent look bad in the photo...
Bless ya hope you get the colour you want,,,
lots of loves!!!♥♥♥

sharon said...

aww careful..I don't want ya next pic to be of a bald agree..doesn't look that bad..I can't quite see the lilac tinge..why not give yourself some blonde streaks through?..I will tune in the mora to see what colour has arrived :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

The photo must not be doing it justice, because I think it looks OK. However, you don't like it, so it needs to change. Can you color twice so close together? I hope it all works out for you!! Good luck!!

Kath Stewart said...

looks ok from here Chris but if you ain't happy...nobody will be happy but please be careful...are you supposed to colour it again so soon...don't want the next pic to be a Kojak
Hugs Kath xxxxx

Karen said...

I am so trying to resist the urge to laugh Chris but I know you don't find it funny yourself....its just the way you tell it hahahahahaha

My hubby has been grey for ages & accidently died his purple by overusing a special shampoo for greys recomended by his hairdresser hahahahaha XXX

Vintage Papers said...

hugs to you - but I think you have beautiful hair whatever shade it may be...because you m'dear are such a beautiful lady! :)

Gez Butterworth said...

Awe Chris. Good Luck....Hope you soon feel happy again. There is nothing worse if you don't feel happy. I know the name of some great removal product if needs be. I decided to go a little pink last year - you know an odd streak here & there - well I ended up completely red - just got carried away & didn't want to see it go to waste. hehehe. Had to wear a woolly hat for a week last summer!

So that's how I know of some good stuff!!

Take care honey. XXX

Pearl said...

O my ! yes ! I hope you get the colour you want when the hair's ready again ! lol

Unknown said...

My favourite colour is lilac ;o) xx

Emma said...

Aw Chris...
Hope you got your hair sorted, I didn't laugh...honest!!!!
I'm with the others, it doesn't look that bad in the pic.
Shall look fwd to your next post!!
Emma x

Kristen H said...

My hair is dark and I ended up with purple hair once. Dark purple though. Whewwww! How does one fix this??? Good luck!!!
Maybe it was in the cards to get ready for EASTER!
Luv and Hugs!!!!

Dawn said...

Chrisssss!! wot u like???
I would be like a skunk if I didn't dye mine!!
I tried that new color thingie that's supposed to take 10 minutes - yeah right!!! didn't do the job did it?? So had to go back to my normal brand a few weeks later because the greys were a crawlin' again!!!

Hope you got it back to how you like it anyway..
I hate doing the dye thing too ..


Census said...

Oh boy!! You really did it this time!! I know just how it feels when things like this go wrong...I have done it myself...several times!!