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Friday, 2 July 2010

Miniature Suitcase

I found this fab little suitcase template at Mirkwood designs... it's totally cute.  Small but fun and I would imagine you could enlarge the template to make different sizes to stack if you spent a little time. There are so many fab template on this site that you will be spoiled for choice... check it out!!
I used stamped onto my card and clear embossed before colouring with distress ink.  I love the resist effect when you remove the ink from the embossed images.
I did the same for the straps but on paper so the effect is a little different and so is the colour of the ink due to the different porosity.

The handle is made by threading fibres through punched holes.
I used the punched out pieces to add little studs by sticking them to punched out sticky pads and colouring with silver ink.
I think it would be a cool place to keep cuff links or loose change for a guy eh.
Now just check out that shine.... Tim Holtz rock candy crackle.... ooooh how cool is that stuff!!
Thanks for looking... catchya later :D
Chris xx


theneon said...

this is awesome! I love the resist technique you've used on this -- and the crackle couldn't be more perfect.

theneon said...

this is awesome! I love the resist technique you've used on this -- and the crackle couldn't be more perfect.

theneon said...

and, now you've got three comments! My dh distracted me while I was writing to you.

Sandy said...

Oh wow this is awesome.
So darling little box. I love it.

Have a sunny weekend my friend.

Electra said...

"rock candy cracklE"???
Geesh, I live a sheltered life.
Wonderful suitcase!

Crafting Queen said...

Stunning Chris!! Loving the blue.

Karen said...

OMG CUTE is this????? I LOVE it!!!! Now, I think you should fill it with diddy shoes haha


Sandra Hall said...

You're right - that little box is so cute! Your resist technique looks fab - I really like how you've used the two different surfaces and got the two differing effects. You've created a treasure box there Chris - well done you! x x

Sally H said...

That is so wonderful! I love the colour and I will definitely be checking out those templates! Will ATCs fit in it? You are so clever x

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Oh how cute and you are so right it would be good for a man's cuff links or loose change. Thank you for the link too!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

your suitcase is just awesome! Wonderful colors and texture...gorgeous project! It was nice to catch up with you a FB last night...have a wonderful weekend! :) xoxo

Carole said...

love it :)

Martina said...

How incredibly beautiful, Chris!
This Mini Suitcase is so fantastic. Love the crackle effect!

Gini said...

Hi Chris!
There were 25 of your posts waiting in google reader for me, so what a wonderful, colourful and astonishingly inventive time you've been having. Fabulous eye candy for me!
Ones I particularly adored is the gold shoe which was worth all that pen's gold ink for!
Your blue lady round card and your amazing glamorous lady sketch.
And finally your easel cards believe and the treasures of the oceans!
Thank you for the crafty ride tonight. :-)

Isabelle Norris said...

beauuuutiful box..........
ok, I'm officially a (stalker) follower now LOL
isa x