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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Red dress journalpage

This week will be all about journalling pages... because despite my laptop and my drawing tablet both dying last week  I at least had my camera  and my oh so slow desktop computer to get me by... that was until my camera decided not to play either... OMG how much bad luck can someone have in a week!!  So I'm afraid although I have some yummy goodies to share I have to rely on my scanner for now.

So another painterly page ... this time overpainting images taken from magazines after doing the background.

Bits of doodling and cut out text.

Thanks for looking. Be back soon.
Chris xx


Rosie said...

Good heavens! How awful for you Chris... But that's a really fun page! I like that way of working too!

Trish Bee said...

She is gorgeous! I do love your new painterly phase your going through, lovely bold bright colours. Hope you get your hardware issues sorted soon!

Sally H said...

It's fab Chris! It seem like it is a week for things going wrong. My piano nearly ended up in my cellar, and I'e just had to dismantle the desktop so the builders can get at the floor tomorrow. Have a good week, hun and I hope things improve for you x

Karen said...

grrr to gadgets!!! Do you think they are in cahoots??? But we do get to see some of your fabulous journal!!! I love this page my lovely...very to the point haha xxx

ParisMaddy said...

Very cute.