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Monday, 27 June 2011

Wish you were here atc

A little bit of distress ink and some collaged images make for a quick and easy atc... been too hot here today to do much more.  I love the weather BUT I hate the pesky fly that has invaded my home and has followed me everywhere today...even been cheeky enough to sit on my laptop aaaargh

I haven't any fly spray so have attacked it with a tea towel, a rolled up paper and even some hairspray lol... in the hopes of eradicating it or at the very least sticking it's wings together (oh that makes me sound so cruel..ha ha ha) but all to no avail... it just keeps on driving me nuts!!
Chris xx


Mrs Mac said...

Hahaha there was one in the kitchen just now when I was making a cuppa. Yep. 2am and I'm in the kitchen drinking tea. Ha.

Love your atc. Love the colours. Ohhhh I can't wait till I've tidied and sorted my little 'craft room' so I can sit and create stuff with messy inks and sprays again. I was clearing it out for 4 hours today and it doesn't even look that different!

Kristin Aquariann said...

Lovely ATC! I feel your pain about the fly - but luckily I have the Ogre, who is awesome at swatting them dead.

Unknown said...

This is a fab ATC I still have the ones you sent me and I adore them. such attention to detail. and now your drawing too it's so good to expand isn't it ;0)

Love Dawn xx

Crafting Queen said...

Fab ATC, hope you get your fly sorted! :)

Electra said...

I wish I were there too! Except for the stupid fly. :-)

Lori said...

Love this ATC, looks wonderful!

Kazza said...

Wish I was there too (particularly looking like that in a swimming costume!)
I had a pesky fly here with me for a couple of days too - I also don't have any fly spray so eventually (after spending a day hoping the darn thing would fly outside by itself when I left the door open) I attacked it with dettol anti bac surface spray. Got it in the end and as a bonus I ended up cleaning and most of the surfaces of my house LOL
Xx Karen