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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Mood in Art

I can't say that I've ever really noticed in the past how my mood has affected my sketching or crafting, but over the few weeks since I last blogged,  it has become apparent that it HAS made a difference to what I produce in more ways than I ever thought.  I know there have been times when due to the black dog snapping  at my heels I haven't been able to craft at all but since I began sketching it has become more noticeable that even though I'm not aware of it at the time... my faces take on my mood of the moment.

Over the past few weeks I have been feeling sad on and off for no particular reason and I have been trying to keep up with my art but all my faces seem to look sad too.

When they don't look sad... they look like they are falling asleep!!

Anyways I'm not looking for sympathy cos I've had some lovely days too... I was just wondering if YOUR mood affects your artplay and how.

On a HAPPIER note I had a visit from the lovely Sandra (Sandy Poppins) on Monday and OMG what a lovely sweet lady she is.  I already knew that from blogging but it was so much nicer seeing her in person.  She brought me some lovely goodies which made me feel wonderful as she had obviously spent a lot of time on them. 

How gorgeous is this fabby tag!!

 She also made me this stunning book  which I shall look forward to journalling in ... the colours are amazing especially in real life (my photographs don't do them justice).

 We chatted and giggled and ate cake and I had a wonderful time THANK YOU SO MUCH Sandra... you made my day!!
We spent  some time sketching as Sandra wants to draw faces and although we just did a basic face she was awesome and picked it up in no time and I have to say that her first face sketch was sooooooo much better than the first one I ever Only onwards and upwards from there.  Pop to Sandras' blog to check out what she did and her other awesome artwork too... you won't be sorry :)

Have a great weekend all
Chris xx


Crafting Queen said...

wow, stunning drawings Chris.

Sandy said...

Oh wow Chris you are back with so lovely art.
Beautiful painting my friend. xoxo

Sandra Hall said...

Sad, sleepy or not, those girls are stunning Chris. I hope with practice I can draw as good...I am still buzzing from our day too :D

Looking forward to our next visit -
I've done some sketching with Dina - different to what I did with you and what you taught helped me - I'll bring them to show you! x

Sugar Lump Studios said...

your sketches are fabulous! love the lovely faces!