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Monday, 15 June 2009

d.d.d.d.d.d.d.DOODLING and d.d.d.d.d.d.d.DUST

Well two things I've learned this week are that having a new bathroom fitted... no matter how nice it looks... means lots of DUST (honestly how far does it spread... the only place it seems to have missed is me knicker and it also means lots of stress...I HATE upheaval... moving things and feeling like this isn't really YOUR home you're living in..bah!! It also means lots of Decorating...uuuurgh more work and less crafting :( Still it'll be all worth it when it's finished I guess :)

To keep me sane while all the banging and rattling was going on I had to find something that was quite tidy to do... couldn't be done with more mess!! and I rediscovered DOODLING (happy sigh) OMG I'd forgotten how much fun it could be. Armed with a sketch pad and a pack of felt pens (did I tell you I LOVE Tesco cheapo felties...did I...did I.... did I.... well I I just played and scribbled and coloured and ended up in seventh Heaven...ooooooh I love colour. I did lots and lots of pages and I have decided this will be my new lose myself addiction... it's great cos you can leave it and come back to it for a minute or an hour or bliss!!
I decided to scan some of my doodling so I could play with it further and use it in some of my hybrid/digi creations and as the Something Completely Different challenge this week is tags(hearts) I cropped out parts of a couple of doodled pages and added digi images to them whoohooo... love the effect and I think they look totally cool. The Owl Cluster and Mary Mary images are freebies which can be found at Cens loft... the Owl Cluster is a free image on it's own but the Mary Mary image is from a free kit :D Pop over here and grab yourself some gorgeous goodies that you can use in your digi and hybrid creations... you won't be disappointed. June has some fab stuff to share and her storytelling is quite unique too... often leaving me howling with laughter ...what a lady :D Now another fabulous lady... June from ArtyRetreat is another star and shares lots of AWESOME images to use in your creating. Pop over to her blogs at ArtyRetreat to see her lovely work and to her Art freebies blog to see her wonderful vintage images which she shares every day... Brilliant!!

June has tagged me with the 6th challenge:-

Go tho the 6th folder in your Pictures folder.
Find 6th Picture and tell a story about it.
List 6 bloggers you'd like to participate (no obligation)

I've done this tag before but as I've had a recent reshuffle of my folders I'm lucky enough to be able to share something different.
I've so many photos and pictures on my ''puter that often I forget just what is actually there and I spent ages engrossed in looking at pics I'd forgotten about which is why I'm posting today instead of yesterday. Reminiscing was the name of the game :D
Anyway here is my 6th folder photo. I visited Preston Hall Museum over a year ago and had forgotten how many pics I had taken... lots from Butterfly world which is fabulous and apart from the obvious family pics I just had to take some shots of some of the beautiful colourful plants they have on show. I believe that this one is called Bleeding Hearts... but don't quote me on that... I'm definitely not that up on plant names... I just know I love the pretty ones.
Ok I'd like to see what these ladies have in their photo folders :-

I also wanted to share this photo with you... cos I found this on my scouring through my folders and I love how it turned out. It's a photo of my Angel lamp love my lamp. Not every ones cup of tea but as soon as I saw it about 8 yrs ago I just knew I had to have it. She looks so gorgeous lit up on a dark dreary night :D Well congrats if you made it to the end of this feast or famine is the name of my game eh. Hope you are having some fabby crafting time and hope to pop by and visit as many of you as I can this week.
Until then...stay happy
Chris xx


June said...

Chris, i too have loads of photo's from preston hall museum butterfly house lol ... also altho i dont have an angel lamp i have a fairy one which i love and also have a pic of somewhere on my pc lol ... like you i have millions
Hugs June xxxx

June said...

Oh Chris i dunno where me head is lol i meant to say ...
I think you have to be the best doodler i have ever seen and that is just soooo good !!!! love these and i am inspired. will try some when i get chance.
Oh and .... thanks for the plug for my blogs that is so lovely
hugsssssss j xx

Sandy said...

OMG how cool is this ???
Fantastic doodlings. I love the colors.

Kristen H said...

Great doodles, Chris! I love doodling it takes the mind to a happy place!
I like what you did with the doodles and made something with them too. Very nice.
I hope you survive intact with your re-model.

Have a most wonderful of days!


Sally H said...

Amazing Doodling! I sympathise with you and the dust. We knocked our tiny bathroom and separate toilet into one. The dust was awful and there was no privacy for a couple of weeks!!!

Gez Butterworth said...

d.d.d.d....DELICIOUS! What a feast Chris.xx

Thank goodness for dust or you might never have doodled!! Your heart is stunning. You are one talented lady. Thank You so much for joining us this week on SCD & fullfilling my challenge magnificently. :-D

Your lamp looks beautiful. I bet it looks gorgeous on in an evening. You were right 1st time hun. Your fabby photo is defo bleeding hearts. Beware I've read somewhere they are posionous.

Haha! imagine my surprise. Thank You for tagging me Chris. Hope you have a lovely week & find a quiet place away from the dust.

Happy doodling. Gez.xx

Karen said...

Oh never cease to amaze me honey!!! I lurve your doodling!!! I used to doodle a lot when I was on the phone to my Mother but she keeps the calls shorter these days hahahahaha

Your doodling makes a perfect background for your heart tag...its so happy!!!

I sympathise with you over your dust. We have had the kitchen & the bathroom done recently & the bathroom was the worst by far!

I will have another go at the tag but I did it a while back so will have to see if the same pic comes up or not.

Keep smiling sweetie XXX

Pearl said...

awesome doodling , grrl ! wow ! wow ! wow !

There is nothing you can't do that you put your mind to ! like I lways say !!woohoo !

thanks for the tag ! I dont mind tags ( cos awards arent necessary at all !) & will do when I can ! ;-)

hugs ,

Anonymous said...

Hiya Chris My beautiful friend.....
so sorry I havent been over as often as I should!!!!!!
Well your doodling is fantastic!!!!
Way to go...
Your fairy Lamp is beautiful..
I have one that Iv had forever and I wont get rid of mine!!!!
(complete hoarder I am)just incase!!!!!rofl...
`Thanks` for your lovely wishes:)
and the Tag1!!!
Hey your photo is `beautiful`.....
Now let me see I wonder if I can find a photo rofl!!!!
Im driving everyone nuts with me camera They say:
`Cheese` as soon as they see me now!!!!!
Have a lovely Day :) (((hugs)))
Oh Hope the bathrooms going well:)

Carol Plume said...

wow what gorgeous doodles...fab colours....great tag too...thank you for joining us this week Chris...hope to see you again soon.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Lovely doodles Chris. I am surprised that you are able to do so much creative work inspite of all the banging going on. I hope it all gets finished soon. I relate to it. I had 6 months of it but now I am enjoying the fruits of it. So shall you.

Dawn said...

Well Mrs Doodle Oodle!!! with a bit of bling!!
Your doodling is brilliant would look great spray painted on a wall too!! God!! Don't go getting any ideas though!!
Might have to let loose and have a go myself..
The tag you made is so cool and different.. thanks for joining in this week I love it!


Angelnorth said...

Fantastic results with the doodling, love the vibrant backgrounds you've created!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Hi girlfriend! I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your art pieces...especially the "doodling" fun is that? Wow, it sure is intricate work and the colors are so vibrant...beautifully created! Hope you are well. I am so glad I see flowers blooming in my garden...gone with the snow!! Yeah!

Emma said...

Hiya Chris
Hope all is well and you aren't in too much of a mess with your new bathroom.
Loving your doodling...amazing colours and design.
Emma x

Donna Gotlib said...

Your doodling is great fun. Your bright colors are a summer treat.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your lovely blog while blog hopping. I am offering yummy blog candy to celebrate becoming a design team member of The Next Level. Would love for you to flutter on over and join in the fun....Abby:)