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Monday, 1 June 2009

Jewellery and twinchies

Well lick my legs and put my tongue out to the weatherman.... the sun is splitting the sky for the fifth day on the trot. Who needs to go on holiday... not me... I can turn my skin a beautiful shade of RED on my own doorstep...lolDo I envy anyone who turns a creamy caramel shade under those sunny rays... you betcha!! Being an English rose (with the whitest skin on the planet) has to suffice for me unless I hit the bottle of Dove self tanning cream... the only way I'm ever gonna change to a colour worthy of showing me arms and me legs is when I lash on that cream from the bottle (much the same as me hair colour!!).
So instead of sitting out and hoping for a miracle I will stay indoors and look lovingly at the way the world seems to light up with this gorgeous weather and content myself with making something new cos today is all mine... nowhere I have to be... nothing I have to do.... so I'm gonna play, play, play. whoohoooo

Just before I disappear though I'll share with you a few of my latest makes.... the jewellery bug is still in full swing and I have a new found love of GREEN... a colour I have never really been partial too but one which seems to be drawing me in of late. Especially in this gawgus shade which I had to add to my bracelet....

and a pair of dangly earings to wear it with :)I also have another new found love thanks to my blogging buddy Gez :) Having fat chunky fingers I've never been a lover of inchies but when I saw Gez' twinchies I just had to have a bash at them and for the record I LOVE them... so I will be doing lots more.
I've been playing and using my 'puter to do some images from my family photos ready to turn into stamps for meself for my mixed media doings and these two are two of my favourites. The one above is from a photo of my nanna as a young lady.... and this one is from a photo of my gorgeous daughter. ooooh I love that girly to bits :)
Both images were printed out on to acetate and then added to card before layering onto alcohol ink backgrounds before adding my usual bit of bling.

Hope you are all having a fab day
See you soon
Chris xx


Sandy said...

Wow wow wow in lime green this is wonderful. I love this color.
You´ve made fantastic things again. Love them.

Karen said...

I am not a fan of green reminds me of my school uniform which I detested (even the knickers we had to wear hehe) But saying that I have a few greeny bits & bobs now too. I wonder if its the time of the year or has the sun saturated my brain??? hahahahaha

Lovely bracelet and I am intrigued by what you have done with the photos. They look gorgeous on the twinchies! Gez has got me doing them too now! Hugs XXX

Karen said...

OMG that was a long comment! I am such a gasbag! X

Gez Butterworth said...

Hi Chris ♥

Hope you've had a lovely day today & have got more crafty creations to delight us with real soon.xx

Ooooh your bracelet is stunning & so are the matching earrings. You must have such patience to put it all together.

I'm gobsmacked to see my name mentioned haha! happy to be blamed! Your twinchies are delightful...awesome backgrounds & what a clever idea with the family photos.

Take care. Hope you have a lovely week from another gasbag! Gez.xx

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh how lovely. Green is a summer colour and it looks lovely.
As for your not being able to get a tan don't worry. You must look lovely as you are. If the powers of B up in heaven wanted you to be an English rose who can argue with them. I am sure they know what is best. Just take a parasol and sit under it in the garden.

Chriss Rollins said...

Oh you are soooo clever!!!

I'm loving those family images.
Hope that your toothache is better can have my appointment the things I do for

love that bracelet too as I have seen it in RL.

Chriss X

Chriss Rollins said...

Well lick my legs and put my tongue out to the weatherman??????



Judy said...

Oh wow, I love the bracelet and earrings!

Dawn said...

wheee I love that bracelet the colours ARE stunning....

Now don't go licking toooooo much legs Chris - can't have you on the ten o'clock news - Lady licks weatherman's legs to death!!!! ROFL!!!