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Sunday, 12 July 2009


Well I've managed to get online again for a wee while so sharing a couple of atc's I did a while back.... not much crafting going on right now... well unless you count painting walls :D Wish I dared to be as adventurous in my home as I am with my crafty bits.... but I know I would get carried away so I have to stop myself :) I remember once lifting all the floor tiles in another house and deciding to paint the floor with caribean crush paint (in your face orangy peach and then stencilling multi coloured massive flowers in a border all the way round....blimey!! Felt good at the time but I have to put restraints on myself now cos I know that I wouldnt stop at plain colour OR
A few SAFE experiments on paper to make backgrounds allow me to rein in my mad tendancies at home thankfully.
Images are all from Lisa's altered art.

Thanks for looking.
Chris xx


Sandy said...

Wow Chris your ATC´s are fantastic.
Really lovely.

Chriss Rollins said...

Hello friend ...funny how we are both managed to get back on line again today and post a few ATC's have missed you...laptop fixed again...'til I crash it again...haha.... good job I don't have to pay for the repairs... thankx DS2.


we must catch up soon take care.

chriss x

Shashi Nayagam said...

Chris I love your ATC and glad that you were able to take a little break from your decorating.

Gez Butterworth said...

Hi Chris

Fab ATC's. Love your backgrounds & boyo what cute images! Take care honey. XXX

Karen said...

ooo I love your backgrounds Chris and your ATC's are fab!!!

BTW...that floor that you did sounds fabulous!!! I am in a decorating frenzy at the mo too and it would be fantastic to be able to have a free rein on it!!! But I do have to consider the hubby hahahaha


Dawn♥ said...

Gorgeous ATC's Chris! Love the colors and images on both! ;)

Vintage Papers said...

love your atc's Chris- they are darling! happy painting to you! will you share the photos?

June said...

Hiy chris, how are you /
Well these are so good !! Love both but adore the party kitten... what a treasure
Hugs June xxx

Susie Jefferson said...

As always, a great post. I love this blog! Therefore I'm giving you A Lovely Blog Award. Please go here to collect it:

Dawn said...

Hiya Chris

Aww I'm missing you!!
Love your AtC's and the Puss one is my fav (of Course)!! Anything with fur gets my vote!!!hope you are okay


Claireabelle said...

Fabulous ATC's Chris

Pearl said...

beautiful creations as always ,Chris !

always thinking of you here ,even if we may not say it enough !

hugs !!

Crafting Queen said...

Adore the cat ATC, that image is so adorable. Great background on both. Anesha