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Thursday, 6 August 2009

2 down,2 half done and 2 to go.....

places to decorate that is!! Okay the main reason for my absence is that I have moved house and oh boy what a lot of work to do.
2 rooms down, 2 half done and two to go....ooooooer
I have scraped, filled, sanded, painted, laid carpet and burnt the candle at both ends for weeks but hey it will all be worth it in the end. The t.v. program changing rooms don't have a look There will be lots of pics later but as I'm still borrowing computer time I can't upload anything right now.
My bedrooms are all done... bathroom and staircase almost there.... kitchen getting done(fingers crossed) at weekend and then only one more room to go....... cor I will need a rest after all this.
I must say though the self satisfaction at a job well done is fab.... I'm not very good at delegating cos I'm so bloomin' fussy.... so it serves me right if I'm knackered :D
I'm even considering learning to plaster...ha ha..... well I almost re-plastered the staircase the amount of filler I had to use for the million of holes left once the wallpaper was removed...hummmph.
So while you are having fun with your crafting.... spare a thought for this busy old bird cos curtain making and picture painting will have to suffice for my playtime until my boudoir is complete :D Can't wait to share with you the fruits of my labour but all in good time.

Ok some crafty stuff..... not made lately but luckily I had saved this ready to post before I moved so I would still have something to share with you.
I love wooden beads and I luuuuuurve playing with chain since I started jewellery making but although I was quite good with the set above..... I kinda lost the plot with the bracelet.... I will need someone to help lift the arm I wear this on in the

Hope you are all well and having fun and I hope to be back with you all real soon if everything goes according to plan.

Off to make curtains now...... wish me luck :D

Chris xx


Kath Stewart said...

well blow me over with a feather...I am taking a rest from moving the cubbyhole to an entirely different room and basically am knackered and what do I come across another daft DIY'er....have missed you lots....get that decorating finished PDQ and get back to the bracelet by the way....big hugs kath xxxxx

Kristen H said...

Beauty, Chris!!!
I just moved too!!! I have 3 boxes left to unpack. what a mess. I have been out of blogging for about a month and just came back.
Had a rough summer. My brother got ill, then passed away, then we had to put our dog down, then move. I am so glad to be nearly settled. Settled enough to play in my craft room.
Love ya, girlfriend and have certainly missed you like CRAZY!

Lots of hugs and rubs for you back, hope it isn't as sore as mine.

Talk to you soon, don't be a stranger!!!

Karen said...

oooo hello my darling!!!! Have missed you heaps XXX

I am completely with you on the decorating front as we have just finished going down through our home. But when you have finished you will have a lovely home all done how you like it! I hope we get to see some pics and of must put all your art work around it!!! Take care of yourself for me HUGS XXX

Sally H said...

These are lovely, Chris! Good luck with the decorating etc. I can really relate. When we moved in some rooms had 7 layers of paper, and they had something like superglue to stick it up with then... oh yes , and they varnished it too!

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

We just moved too!!! DH is painting a room today as I type - lost my camera cable in the move till yesterday so have been unable to post pics :) So glad you are getting on top of things and I love your jewelry - must show you a bracelet I made last month as my first attempt!

Dawn said...

Hiya Chris

Well your latest jewellery is just right up my street - I love those beads...

No wonder you are cream crackered Mrs DIY Bling - can't wait to see what yu've been up to... missing you though come back soon..


Shashi Nayagam said...

It is going to be worth it I am sure. Then you can put your feet up and enjoy it all. I must say though how the hell did you manage it all single handed.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Days..
Hope your moving going well Chris!!!!
Your jewellrey is gorgeous...
`Lots of loves` :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Well congrats on your new place...I hope things are settling in nicely for you. Love the bracelet...beautiful work. I moved blog...hope you can come visit me in my new home! :)

Unknown said...

Love the beads and choice of colour I think there is a lot of us out there decorating at the moment judging by what I have read. Im next as I have just returned home from France although I have missed blogging I cant get away from the computer. Christine x