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Monday, 31 August 2009

eeek!! What a shape....rofl

Fed up and painted out I spent the night at pal Chriss' house, after chatting on the phone and totally on impulse, I left my house as I was ...knowing that no matter how I turned up Chrissy wouldn't turn a She kindly decided that I should share with you my fantastic new fashion took some pics of my fabby designer trousers to share with you... you don't get to see the rest of me....tooooo painful....lolI freaked when I saw this pic.... but believe me that REALLY ISN'T my normal My painter trousers have grown a shape and life of their own after six weeks of hand wiping additions. Don't know what cloths are for me :D
Not really doin' any work here... photo is staged... if you look close you can see there's no paint in the
Okay that's enuf from me today.... work to be done and all that.... today sanding walls....uuurrrgh... but one step nearer to having some me time and crafting fun... so onwards and upwards as they say :D
Hope you aren't too envious of my designer
Have a fab bank holiday all.
Chris xx


Kath Stewart said...

wow loving these batik trousers....a new fashion trend me thinks...can't wait until all your decorating is finished and we are back to fabby creations again....big hugs kath xxxx

Gez Butterworth said...

Hi Chriss loving your new look trou'wies!! Take care. Gez.xx

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Oh, too funny! You really are serious about this reno you are doing - the trousers say it all! I don't envy you the sanding walls bit tho - hope you get through that super quick and can see the light at the end of the tunnel after that!

Pearl said...

o my ! love it that you've taken time off to have some humour ! lol

Hope things are shaping up nicely now !

Karen said...

hahahahahaha VERY CHIC darling!!!! I can see that stand-alone trousers could be an option in the future :) Saying that tho...I have some shorts like that hahahaha

Soon be over my lovely but all your efforts will so be woth it! HUGS XXX

Sugar Lump Studios said...

love the pants and hope your projects are going well! you have such a great sense of humor! :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Those trousers would beat any other trouser by the top designers. Who knows you might have started a trend. I would advise you to get a copyright on this one. Mark my words there is money to be made on this one. Would come handy with all the redecoration you are doing lol!

Anonymous said...

Hope your well chickie sending lotsa loves:)xxx

Dawn said...

Wheee I love being comfy and have a few of these shape shifter troosers!!!! LOL
Mine are covered in glue and sparkles, I've such a habit of wiping my paint and brushes on them!!!
Come back soon!!