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Monday, 23 November 2009

If I were a rich (wo) man....

la la la la la la la la would I be any happier.... probably not :-D and as I hardly ever remember to play the lottery I guess there's not much chance of me getting rich any time soon... but if I feel like singing then that's good enough for me.
I did just that this evening....spending time with DG and my niece scrapbooking over the weekend definitely put a smile on my face (will show you some pics of their creations later in the week) they were so funny. Kids just seem to have such a unique view of things and I roared with laughter at some of the pages they did. Oh it certainly did me the world of good having that laugh and I was buzzing tonight... yes me!!!
So I turned on the karaoke machine (okay I can hear you groaning) but I find singing therapeutic... specially when no-one else is listening.
I sang to myself ( for an hour and I enjoyed it soooo much I think I should do it again real soon... either that or I need to get out more!!
On top of that my mojo seems to have returned with bells on so today I'm not complaining (phew bet you're glad to hear it)
I got my hands on the new digital atc kits from Lisa's Altered Art and they are so cool.
I have worn out my fingers with all my previous doodling and journalling so 'doin it digi' was a welcome change. There are two digital atc kits to play with and the Christmas one really rocks my boat... tis BEAUTIFUL.
I can see this kit being one of my all time favourites :D
Hope you all had a fab weekend.
Chris xx


Emma said...

Morning Chris
Blimey its been ages since I visited. Hope you are well and lol at you singing...
Gorgeous digi work, really stunning.
Hugs Emma x

Karen said...

er...I am definitely saying that you are nosaddo when it comes to singing alone...I LOVE it & always shut up in company hahahahaha!!! Its very good for the soul as you have found my lovely. Do you have an ipod or something that you could plug yourself into??? You could sing all day then!

I am loving that second ATC by the way HUGS XXX

Crafting Queen said...

Two wonderful ATCs, layers are just fab. Anesha

Sally H said...

Wonderful ATC s, Chris! Sounds like you have had a great day! I sing all the time, and alone is fine. When you need to start worrying is when you dress up in wigs and sunnies and gatecrash the school talent show (long story!)

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

I'm so glad you have found a way to be happy! Go for it, Chris :)

These ATCs are so cute!