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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Template challenge

Now for that something special I mentioned yesterday... I didn't forget. I decided that as I seem to be joining in with lots of challenges of late that I would set one of my own and invite you to join me :D
You have two weeks to join in and all you have to do is use the template I've provided below (I will be using it too).
The page is A4 size so the templates aren't too tiny but you need to click on the image and then right click and save to get the correct size.

I like to alter stuff as you know so I decided to use a template where you can remove windows... open the door... use large or small...  print out onto card, paper or acetate as a digital stamp or if you prefer cut out of thicker card to create a blank canvas to ink up or cover with goodies.  The sky's the limit.

The Rules

  • Use the Template
  • Leave a comment letting me know where your art is
  • Provide a link to this post
  • Be adventurous... There will be a prize for one lucky player .... so go on PLAY :D
  • Have FUN!!
  • That's it :D
Chris xx


Karen said...

oooooo Chris...this is a really interesting template you clever clogs!!! Am sure to have a go at this one my lovely friend XXX

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Now this looks interesting :) I'll have a think!

Electra said...

Ooh, Ooh, now I want to skip work today and stay home and play. More beauty from you, Chris!

Linby said...

Well I have had a go - it was good fun, different from what I would normally do.
here it is!

daisy said...

Thank you for the challenge & I hope you like what I have made with your template.

Eastern Promise

daisy xx