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Friday, 18 March 2011

Queen bee

I've  been practicing a bit more...  drawing on a smaller scale and adding more to my sketches.  I just keep drawing faces as you know... but well they are left floating ha ha.  I will no doubt use them all later or prints of them in mixed media work but I guess it would be nice to have some sketches with bodies. I named this one Queen bee.... mainly cos her hair ended up looking a bit like a beehive.

As sometimes happens I also got the urge to give her some colour in Photoshop.  I love doing it this way because then I can change the colours to suit my mood.

Wish I had a figure like hers... I used to have once upon a time :-)
Chris xx


Electra said...

Lovely shading Chris, she's so ethereal!

Rosie said...

Good Lord woman! She's excellent! And I love how you added colour to her in photoshop. I have to add my colour by hand, with pencils and paints. Wow! I wish I knew how to do that... 'o)

Gez Butterworth said...

Oooooh Chris!! Your girl is STUNNING! & what a body!!
Have a lovely weekend Chris.xx

Linby said...

Yes she has got a great figure, can you draw me one LOL! Very serene figure.

Lori said...

Love her! So elegant and dreamy, love that hair with the "bling" in it!