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A New Year and a New beginning... I have created a new blog filled with old and new art. It is time for me to focus on something new. I will be leaving this blog open for inspiration and so I can look back at what I have achieved in the future but I will be adding no further content here.

Friday, 6 January 2012


Okay I just know that you remember the lady who ate all the pies... dontcha lol !!   Well I'm still in reminiscing mode .... but this lady had a plan which was to be Faaaabulous at 50 so I thought I would share how she got  on even though the birthday came and went a long while ago..... she's still in her 50th year so I think the plan still counts.

She stopped eating all the pies and though she really isn't  the most energetic bod in the big scheme of things, she invested in some Zumba cd's and with the help of a lovely sister to keep her motivated she Zumbaaaaad her little heart out baby.

She grew her hair and dyed it brown to avoid looking the grey haired granny that she really is (although it's the pits when the roots come through aaaaargh).

and finally got into the elusive jeans that had been desperately trying to climb out of the drawer for a long long time.  Then to top it all.... she invested in new specs and an updo to help her turn into a LADY....pmsl      Shame.... shame.... shame she doesn't know how to act like one too!!

Now I know that what you really want to see is my getting down and crafty already.... but it isn't quite happening yet,  so luckily I found this... that I don't think I shared with you for some strange reason (although it was on Tando Creative Blog).

Using the elephant  from the Tando 'Go Wild ' set I made a little box frame.

The background, elephant chipboard and the frame were all painted with acrylic paints and I paper pieced the grass.

I'm trying hard to get back on the creative merrygoround so bare with me and hopefully I will have some goodies to share with you soon.
Chris xx


Artyjen said...

Way to go! Looking fabulous!
Really is a New Year New You :)
xoxo Sioux

Linby said...

woohoo-Mrs Stylish - great going.
hugs Linby x

Karen said...

WOW!!! you have been working hard my look amazing!!!! Perhaps I need some Zumba dvd's too!

Awe....I love what you have done with my elephant...its sooo pretty! Sending you loads of HUGS xxx

sharon said...

omg!!!, Chris!!! amazing zumba body! I feel you may have inspired me, I want to look like that...RIGHT I'm on a mission, lol

PS loved that little fairy image you did the other day too.....just stunning hun, I wanty to do more creating like that.

Rightio..must go, catch up soon as its all change here.

Much loves

Sharon xxx

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wow you look amazing!! Wish I knew the art of Zumba then I wouldn't be fighting my waist forever.

Ana Baird said...

You look fantastic Chris! Happy New Year to you too! I love your frame.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Whoop whoop! You LOOK AMAZING! I am so envious and PROUD of you! Now to kick that chocolate out the door here! ;)
Thanks for inspiring us all!