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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sketching again....

I go from one obsession to another but sometimes it's only a matter of changing the tools.  Doodling or sketching... the only difference is pens to pencils and maybe a little bit more time and patience... so right now I'm jumping from one to the other depending on my mood.  I don't always finish a sketch for months... I begin and get to a place when I like what I see and then can't be bothered to finish 

Hair is usually the stopper... after I've been sucked in to the concentration needed to do the facial details I think urggghhh I've had enough now.  Don't want to finish the barnett!!  So I give my ladies a name and then tell them to go hide somewhere until I'm in the right frame of mind to give them a hairdo. 
I guess if I worked from reference photos it would be easier but I kinda like seeing who pops up from my imagination.  It's cool to see those features turn into a 'person'  even when sometimes they aren't as 'pretty' as I may have liked (although I do like this one). 
So for now this little lady will remain as she is... one day I may go back and finish her hair... may even give her a different hairdo altogether but I'm not
Chris xx


Linby said...

oooh she is a sweetie, I love her just the way she is. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

Sandy said...

OMG she is is a beauty.
Love the lips. Brilliant work Chris. xoxo

Artyjen said...

Gorgeously ab fab! :)
Now here is a radical thought...some of your beautiful ladies might be capable of carrying off the no hair look...just like the lady that was in one of the Star Trek movies;) Have a great arty day.
xoxo Sioux

Lori said...

This is gorgeous, Chris, as are all your sketches/watercolors! Good to see you back in action!

Sally H said...

Reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. Stunning!