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Saturday, 9 June 2012

When do you call yourself.......

an ARTIST!!  I recently created this journal page after a prompt from Dyan Reaveley on her blog here and it really got me thinking.   When DO you call yourself an Artist.  Friends and family sometimes say to me Wow you are a great Artist and while I am chuffed when they say that... internally I think.... is the reason they say that because I am doing something they don't do or just because they think something I create is pretty.

I have always done arty stuff especially since my teenage years but have never thought of myself as an Artist.  Yes I can paint, draw, and create something pleasing to the eye but is that enough.  I do 'art' just for myself... I don't sell my work (maybe cos I don't think people will buy  I wouldn't do commissions because I hate working under pressure... takes the fun out of art totally for me. I have no portfolio and I only like to create art that is pleasing to ME... I have no formal training other than what I did at school and later during college training to be a hairdresser where the art was specific to my chosen course.... so do I call myself an Artist........

well I've decided .... HELL YEAH!!!    Why? ...... because I love my art... everything I create comes from the heart, it tells a story about me and what comes from within.  Whether someone else likes it ...or not... doesn't matter.  It is about me!!  I am an Artist... because I feel like one when I have my pencils, paintbrushes or paper and glue sticks in hand.  When I finish something, a sketch, a painting, a journal page... I am filled with a sense of gratitude that I have been given this gift to express myself and it makes me HAPPY.  

Art hugs me during dark days of depression which lots of us Artists suffer from... it carries me through bad times like nothing and no-one else could.  It is my own personal saviour and friend and makes my happy days happier still.   One day I may try to sell my art and maybe someone will buy it and maybe just maybe I will feel like a professional Artist... but until then I AM AN ARTIST in my own mind... and that's all that matters.

What makes YOU an Artist?

Chris xx


Sally H said...

You certainly are an artist, Chris and I have no doubt that your art would sell. I'm not sure about me though. I make stuff, but I don't know if it is art...

Sandy said...

Oh wow this is gorgeous.
What for lovely page and the colors rock. xoxo

denthe said...

Oh, you can be sure that people would buy your art! Very colourful and bright. Love it!
I've only recently very tentatively started calling myself an artist. Or no, actually more a painter. But then some people think I paint kitchens ... So artist might be a better word ... Still have to get used to it ;-)

Carole said...

lovely colours :) you are an artist & keep on artisting...! :)

Karen said...

HELL YES!!!! You go girl!!!! Of course you are an artist my lovely! I wish I had as good an eye as you & I would certainly buy your stuff! HUGS xxx

Artyjen said...

A wonderful affirmation piece ;)
An artist? Ooh yeh!
xoxo Sioux