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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Big Art Adventure challenge-altered box file

This weeks challenge over at Rosie and Linda's Big Art Adventure was to alter a box file. Mine is just A5 size... the A4 just seems so large a space to fill... and besides I didn't have one so easy choice :D Excuse the pants photos... I really do need to get a tripod cos for some reason lately every time I get hold of my camera I get the cobbly wobbles and shake like a good'un. A 'proper' photographer I will NEVER be... but you get the idea eh :D

Paper is Papermania and I love it cos it's all flowery and summery and makes me feel better about the horrible weather... mind you was glad it rained this morning... got me out of doing a boot Really need to de-clutter but will just have to fight my way through the junk for another week... ;-0

It's not difficult for anyone who knows me to see that I am addicted to bling... so what better goodies to put in my box... won't lose it now will I. I love chipboard letters too and I am definitely going to be using up some in the next few weeks... I've decided that all these things in my craft stash that I buy and then just look at are taking up too much space storing them and that I'm being silly hoarding it... what for I ask myself!!! Crafters we're a funny breed altogether if you ask me.

Wonder what you're guilty hoarding pleasure is... do

Happy Crafting


Chris xx


Rika said...

What a lovely box Chris!

Anonymous said...

I love your box Chris...I gotta admit thats a fantastic idea to put all that bling in..Maybe Ill make one one...mmmm..
Hope your well and having a great Evening:)~X~

Viola said...

Really lovely, Chris! :o)

Chriss Rollins said...

you know i loves ya bling box.
it looks even better in the flesh.

2 posts in one day.
chriss x

Uneekdolldesigns said...

That's wonderful Chris, and who couldn't use some beautiful boxes to put things in! Excellent!

(your comments are so funny, you make me smile!)

sharon said...

Cute box......a little bit of bling makes the world a happier place..:).x

Shashi Nayagam said...

Lovely Chris. I too am a bling lover.

Linda Vincent said...

Cor...a beautifully decorated box of bling! Just what every crafter needs, lol !!! Its fabulous Chris; thanks for joining in - I'll put your pics on our blog right away!
Love Linda x

Jaqi said...

Just fab, all bright and cheery, Well done, love it, Jaqi x

Census said...

A fantastic box Chris!! I love the colours!

Kazza said...

A beautiful box full of bling - what could be more perfect!

I am guilty of hoarding my stash too - and you are so right! What on earth am I keeping it leave in my will?
Off to use some of my hoard right this minute LOL
xxxx Karen

Denise said...

This is so lovely and bright and cheery and blingie! Super job on this box, Chris!

Sandy said...

OMG this is totally awesome.
So wonderful box. Unbelievable work.

Have a great weekend.

Dawn♥ said...

Hey girly I'll take all that bling right off your hands for you. lol!
Gorgeous box to store it all in. Awesome creation! LOVE IT!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Crafting Queen said...

Love this box, love the bright colours.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

This is gorgeous! I love my bling too! This turned out SO PRETTY!

Sharon said...

My I love your bling box Chris How cool is that....
The tripod !! I bought one !
Yes I Put the camera on and picked itb up to take the picture !!!!
Now I am used to it I love it..
Got mine from a car boot for £4

Thanx for showing us
Sharon xx

maddy hill said...

oh wow chris your box is fab ! im always losing bling - great idea !

Anonymous said...

I love your bling box Chris.

Love from sesga xx