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Thursday, 4 December 2008

All dressed down with nowhere to

Well after all the excitement of yesterday's visit to the Oscars' and all of that bubbly and Chocolate I am in meltdown. Threw off my glam clothes and bling as soon as I got home last night and hit the pillow like a rock in an avalanche and as always said "Never again" BUT I just couldn't do that to my loyal So despite having the hangover from hell (with the drink I never drunk...rofl) must've been the bubbles... I upped and put on my make up and bling!! I decided however that I was sure you wouldn't mind... due to the fact that I am bloomin' freezing because we got SNOW through the night... if I wore my most comfy and yes poshest dressing gown and stayed at home to receive my awards My tiara didn't slip once cos I have been on my best behaviour (well apart from jumping up and down and yelling yeeeeehhhhhaaaaa when 'The David' was evicted from Celeb tonight hee hee) because I spotted the Queen crown on the table all ready for the final night at the Oscars and I soooo want to wear it cos it's got my name on it. Well I am Queen of the bling right... cos even if I don't use it on everything I create..I still look at it and swoon everyday :D
So now that I am comfy in my lush surroundings and warm as toast in my squishy, snuggly gown here are a few more awards to pass on :D
I received my first award of the evening from the lovely Sharon
and had a double whammy with this Kreative blogger award from the gorgeous Chriss and Nancy and finally this wonderful blogging friends award from a truly special friend Sue
Thank you all sooooooo much... you are all special to me and I am so glad to have become friends with you all in this virtual world... you all rock my girlies :D

Now once again I can't remember the rules (blush blush) so I am going to do the same as yesterday and pass these awards on to some more special girlies with the option of choosing one or all of them for your collection :D

Tonight my awards go to Kath, Karen, Terrie, Shashi, June, Heather, Dawn, Rein, Sandy and Debbie. Enjoy :D

Be back with my last night at the Oscars soon... ooooh I will get to wear my new crown... don't forget to join me :D
Chris xx


Kristen H said...

You are so funny Chris! Thanks for the giggle before I retire to bed!

sharon said...

ROFPMSL....ha ha...this was me too when I eventually made the oscars..except mine wasn't as stylish as yours mine had Snoopy on with a hanky stuffed in the front pocket as my nose was on non stop drip...rofl....are you picturing that gorgeous pic I'm painting of myself...had I had a tiara I would have perched it on top of the un brushed wire hair, it would have tilted and swayed to the side matter, I would have felt like a princess.xxxxxxx

Crafting Queen said...

Fantastic creation. Your post are so different, love it.

Uneekdolldesigns said...

You are so much fun, and I lvoe to read your blogs! Very funny!

And I am honored by receiving an Oscar from you, you are too kind!

Your friend,


Census said...

This crown I must see!!! Sounds gorgeous! :)

Thank you so much for the great Oscar!!! It is much appreciated.

I love your Oscar is a brilliant idea and done with your usual classy deserve a crown!!!

Shashi Nayagam said...

You positively look regal in that outfit. Thank you so much for your lovely award.
Love your little fairy box it is beautiful.

Rika said...

Thank you so much Chris!

Denise said...

Oh Chris you're such a HOOT! and a very glam one at that! Thanks for giggles! Your fairy box is lovely!

Kazza said...

You are hilarious Chris - I thank you for the award, I thank you for making me laugh and I thank you, thank you, thank you for being a fabulous friend :)
xx Karen

Anonymous said...

ROFPSML!!!!!You look rather dapper in that it!!!:)
Your creations are just absolutly adorable....
`Thanks` for the Award ..I must deserve one for The Worst Blogger` by now!!!!!
Hope your enjoying your weekend `Gorgeous Lady`....
I`ve Just got me tree up!!!Yaah....
and `Thanks` for always stoppin by make me smile:):):)

Dawn said...

You are just so funny - lovin' your posh "robe" very glam my dear!!! LOL

He He!! ROFL


Unknown said...

Love that picture of you, you look so glam LOL x

Kath Stewart said...

thanks for the award Chris and you do make me laugh and hey love all the fabby Christmas things you have been creating