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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

My week at the Oscars....

begins I am so naughty because I have been collecting blog awards but been neglectful of passing them on... so I have put on my bestest little black dress, had my hair done (well washed anyway ) and I am dripping with my bestest ever bling to say THANK YOU to all my blogging buddies who have so kindly bestowed these awards on me :D I will be passing on more over the next few days... would do them all at once but I don't think my keyboard can take it I must confess however that I can't remember all the rules that go with them so will just pass them all on to some very special people without the rules... hope that's okay :D

This award came from the lovely Kath
and this one from my friend Karen
and this little pretty from the gorgeous Terrie

and because I'm breaking the rules a bit... tee hee... I am not going to pass on the awards individually I am going to give these awards to some special girlies and invite you to choose which or all of them that you would like to have... because I know some of you have lots of awards already and may have some of these in your collection :D
So without further ado and in no particular order I award these to Suzyb, Sharon, Chriss, Linda, Kristen, Nancy, Pearl, Lorraine, Sue and Julie :D
Ok need a lie down now... all the champagne bubbles are going to my head and not being a drinker I have to pace myself a little, so more Oscar fun later and hope you will join me to celebrate... and have a glass of bubbly too... we could even eat chocolate (oooooh don't tell that to my but you have to wear your best bib and tucker... no PJ's at this party !!
Catchya laters :D
Chris xx


Kristen H said...

Thank you for the awards! I feel like such a winner lately! I would like to thank God, and my husband Kyle, our dog Maya, my friends, my family.....

Thanks, hugs and I think I'd even kiss you, sick or not. :)

Unknown said...

Aww thank you Chrissy thats so kind of you.You deserve all the awards because you are a special lady. You will always be very special to me because you were probably my first reader outside of my family xxx

Pearl said...

O my ! You are grand , Chris ! Dishing out awards at one go ! lol ! thanks , hun !

Hope you are feeling much better this week ! that virus thing really isnt funny !

sharon said... are my dead canny geordie bud...(translation available if needed);) receive my awards, unlike you, dressed for glamour..I have my snoopy dressing gown on...(I really must get a "lady" dressin gown...nnaaahh..why bother.

Shashi Nayagam said...

You deserve it all. Woo hooo you are my claim to fame!

Vintage Papers said...

Chris you are too cute! :) I don't own a "little black dress" so I hope that I can accept my award in gold old "blue jeans"...hee hee!
thank you so much - I am very honored!!!
As for the lighthouse - I wish it was my home - so many beautiful lights in Michigan, and my suprise...not sure if I will get it tomorrow. Anxiously awaiting my son's return home from IRAQ!!!! 13 months of deployment and he is to be home soon!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

And I ll ya what Chrissi..You deserve everyone of them and more cos you are such a `special` Lady!!!Truly..
Hope your well... Enjoy your Friday lovely Lady:)~X~

Linda Vincent said...

Wow...what a lot you've got Chris!!! Thank you for thinking of me; I'm very honoured.
Mwaaaah xxxxxxxxx