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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Cosmo Cricket Christmas

Well I had intended to blog earlier today but woke up this morning with a BIG FAT What has that got to do with blogging I hear you ask... well though my face is getting bigger as well as my body from too much chocolate munching (dieting will begin after Christmas I promise myself) it usually gets a bit bigger on both sides not just one!! I look like a chipmunk who is pouching his food in one cheek ;0 A sore face had me well feeling sorry for meself and as I didn't sleep much last night I ended up having a four hour snooze this afternoon.. ;-0
What I want to know is WHY if you are going to have a gum infection or toothache it is more likely to happen at this time of year. My absolute horror of the men in white coats... (not the ones who are coming to take me away ha ha) ... but the ones who brandish needles the size of a javelin and are kak handed to boot... is making me quiver with fright just thinking about having my chipmunk cheek deflated. Probably a course of antibiotics will be on the cards but just making the visit for a check up makes me start shaking from head to foot. If I could be knocked out long enough to get me to the surgery, have the treatment and wake up afterwards at home I'd be one happy bunny... in the meantime I will wait until it gets so unbearable that I HAVE to do something about it... how sad is that. Anyone know a nice Dentist who does house visits to terrified Nanna's and has a magic pain free touch... all offers
Okay so now I've bored you to death with my dental saga's I will share with you some eye candy in the form of more of my latest Christmas cards, this time using the new Cosmo Cricket Christmas papers which you can see more of here I just adore this collection of Papers and the pop out shapes are gorgeous especially these fab mittens.
This one is a an unusual card for me but it just seemed to come together in my head and I'm quite pleased with how different it is from my normal cards.
I wrapped yarn around the bottom half (which is like mini tinsel) and tore the layered paper for some texture.
I'm quite in to adding my own writing at the moment too as I think it adds a more personal touch.
Last but not least Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a bauble would it and I just loved this shape with the button like centre and the believe sentiment. A bit of ribbon and some lace with the obligatory bling added the finishing touch.
Thanks for looking... see you soon
Chris xx


Kristen H said...

I love every one of these. Is this using a die cut.
I can't help you with the dentist, I hate going to the dentist. I had $3500.00 worth of work done on my teeth to save them. I go, but I have never met a nice one. UGG!!!

having a {me} day said...

OMG!! I LOVE these papers! Love the mittens! They are a-dor-able! Love the paper also ... maybe I can get hold of some for next year. Good luck with the men in white, you brave old soldier!!

joanne wardle said...

gorgeous! I love the colours you chose for these, they work so well

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris..I do hope you get your tooth sorted out soon!!!Bugger me we were only on about teeth the other week!!!typical..big(((hugs)))
and `Wow` Missus I soo love each and every individual..beautifully crafted right to the very last little detail!!!and well what can I say
`Just Beautiful`...
`Take Care`:)~X~

maddy hill said...

chris your cards are just stunning - i love the close up pics where i can see all those gorgeous details - it shows when a card is made with alot of work ! totally gorgeous !

and you poor thing xxx i hate dentists too - have you ever checked out a dentist that treats people with dentist phobia ? theres centres everywhere , i am sure one will be near you . I have heard hipnotherapy (ive spelt int wrong lol ) but thats suppose to help .
maddy xx Calvin mouse says - go to the dentist - he is mouse and he goes rofl !
have a love chrimbo Chris !

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Those cards are absolutely beautiful Chris! I just love them! They surely must be a lot of work!
So sorry to hear you have hurting in your teeth..not fun, I know, but get it taken care of!

And thank you for being such a sweet and kind blogger friend!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Beautiful cards! I love them all! I love Cosmo Cricket! Just gorgeous! Good luck with the dentist!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Love what you have created here!! You have outdone yourself, Chris..the details are fabulous and everything is so festive with your wonderful papers and embellishing. Gorgeous artwork!

sharon said...

Fab cards hun...awwwwwwwwww, now you know I'm gonna say.."Get yourself to the bloody dentist before you have to have major work done"...I'm giving you the firm approach cause I'm a friend and ...friends can do that..;)

I used to work for a dentist..and believe me when I're not the only one who feels like that. In all of my 5 years there I think I came across 3 people who liked coming to the dentist and one of them liked work done with no anasthetic!!..(weirdo)

I leave you with this.....doesn't everyone look like Kate Bush when they're crafting..?..rofpmslxxxxx

Viola said...

Great work, Chris!

Sandy said...

Wow Chriss these are fantastic.
Unbelievable work.

Karen said...

Oh poor love!!! Try swooshing with some anitseptic mouthwash to bring it down. My hubby would use TCP, but then he is wierd hahaha.

I love all your cards esp that 3rd card & it has pride of place on my tv. X

Kazza said...

Beautiful cards Chris - all have that extra special touch that you do so well. Sorry to hear about your tooth (clove oil is supposed to be good for tooth pain - can't tell you if it works or not though).
xx Karen

Linda Vincent said...

What fabulous cards Chris...every one's a gem. Love your fancy handwriting too.
Now go and phone the dentist.
Linda xxx

Heather Robinson said...

Lucky is the person who ends up on your Christmas card list because honestly I've never seen such professional and stunning cards in my life. You are so talented...swollen face or no!....I'm with you on the dentist. That needle does me in...and they always are so slow in the injection. It's like time stands still while the pain engulfs.

Kath Stewart said...

oooh....gorgeous gorgeous cards and I do love my Cosmo Cricket.
What a pain....oops sorry...having an abscess just before Christmas but you need to go to the dentist...don't let it run on....have a couple of stiff drinks and then get someone to take you kicking and screaming. Have you ever told the dentist of your dentist is lovely and so sympathetic and the most important gentle.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hope your tooth is sorted out soon.
Love your cards they are beautiful.

Pearl said...

woohoo ! You really rawk these Cosmo Cricket Christmas papers , grrl !!! Jusr darling they are ! love the torn paper look !

Sorry to hear about the dental situation , hun ! Hope it gets sorted out - eventually ! LOL !

Crafting Queen said...

Fantastic cards! Sorry you are in pain. Ask for all the pain killers before the needle!
Take care

Claireabelle said...

Stunning cards! They are gorgeous.

Hope our feeling better.

Merry christmas

Dawn said...

Hiya Mrs Chippie!!
You are a hoot - I always PMSL when I mosey on over here!!
But glad to see from above post your face has now deflated by itself!!!
I love Cosmo Cricket and these cards are just stunning! Love the burgundy colours and all the little details too...
I used to be terrifed of dentists - I'm still scared to a point but I'm a lot better since I went for a check up and ended up getting a wisdom tooth out - I was in shock for days!!! I was actually begging him to let me go home and sobbing and shaking uncontrollably and when I went outside after 4 injections there was a hoast of folk waiting who all just turned and looked at my sobbing gob!!! When I think about it - Uuugh Cringe!! Chris I didn't feel a thing and it just popped out!
things never seem so bad now when I go after that experience!!

He He!!

Sue said...

This time of year? Because we are run down I think :-(

Hope you are much better today and been able to get some saleep.

I love these cards :-) Colours, designs . . . everyhting :-)

I am quite excited at the prospect of sketches and making cards once Christmas has passed. I'll be hanging on to your shirt tails :-)

{{hugs}} Sue

Dawn♥ said...

How frinkin gorgeous are all these amazing cards. Love them all. That CC is just divine! :)