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Saturday, 4 September 2010

The antidote to feeling CR*P is to CRAFT?

Well sometimes it works :-)   Sometimes it doesn't :-( 
 But I Try :-D

Things haven't been too good for me lately so blogging and crafting have been more of a chore than a pleasure but I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

I managed to do these Torso's for the challenges over at SCD blog (did them all at once on a good day) but didn't manage to blog them in time.  Thought I'd share them anyway though so hope you like :-)  They aren't in the right order but don't think that matters much.

This one is 'Memories'

This one 'Of the Sea'

Next is 'Black and Red'

and finally 'Bling'

All created with images and backgrounds from Lisa's altered art.

Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope to be back soon.

Hugs Chris xx


Sandy said...

Oh wow these are so wonderful Chris.
Fabulous dress style. Stunning work.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kath Stewart said...

stunning creations as always chris and sorry that things haven't been too good for you....chin up and sending lots of hugs...kath xxx

Kath Stewart said...

stunning creations as always chris and sorry that things haven't been too good for you....chin up and sending lots of hugs...kath xxx

June said...

Chris these are beautiful. I love them all especially the winged one.
I hope you feel better soon,nothing is worse than feeling low
Hugs from June x

Sally H said...

Hi Hun. It's been a bit like that for myself too, recently. Try to keep your chin up. It looks like your Mojo is fine though, cos these torsos are brilliant! Love your new profile pic by the way x

Lori said...

Ooo, these are lovely, just lovely. Hope you keep the faith, and keep on craftin', you're doing great! Have a great weekend!

Electra said...

These are wonderful, I love how each one has it's own personality.
Sometimes we just have to fel low so we can feel good later. Know you are loved.

Joanna said...

These are all gorgeous, Chris! My fave, if pushed to choose, is 'Happy Times', but they're all stunning. Good to have you back craftin'. Jo x

Karen said...

Wonderful creations my lovely. So sorry you have been going through a bad the others say...know that you are loved XXXX

Always here if you need me HUGS XXX

Carole said...

all are fab :)

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Sorry to hear you have been poorly but I am so glad you find crafting an antidote at times! Your work is just so amazing.

I hope things look up for you quickly :) X

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

I'm sorry you have been feeling not so good lately. Thank goodness crafting helps at times! Your work is stunning Chris. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Chris these are fabulous .....You are sooo talented...
Feel better soon my `friend` :) x

Anonymous said...

Oh and I do love love your new profile photo!!!!!!!!Your hair is fab!!!TFS:) xxx

Margaret said...

These are so beautiful, 'Tea Time' is my fav! lovely image and gorgeous colours.
Hope you get back in the groove soon!

Martina said...

Chris, your art is glorious (as always). I sometimes don't have enough time to get around to everyone; but I do enjoy your blog very much and I love seeing your new pieces.

Gini said...

Sorry to hear you have been poorly Chris.
Thankfully even if you don't make anything or post anything you can still keep in touch/interact with your other blogging friends through reading their blogs if you feel up to it :-)

Hope things soon improve for you.

Electra said...

Hey, Chris, I've passed on a Cherry on Top award to you, but don't feel you need to participate in the process. It's just my way of saying thank you for being you.

Dawn said...


Aww Chris I hope you're feeling better soon and things get loads better for you.
Love your torsos, have never done one but these look great.
Haven't been blogging much myself either but hey ho I blog when I can!

Hugs and loads of good wishes


Artyjen said...

Hi just popped by and saw your torso's...they are all great and it's great we inspired you to do a bit of crafting
xoxo Sioux