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A New Year and a New beginning... I have created a new blog filled with old and new art. It is time for me to focus on something new. I will be leaving this blog open for inspiration and so I can look back at what I have achieved in the future but I will be adding no further content here.

Monday, 31 August 2009

eeek!! What a shape....rofl

Fed up and painted out I spent the night at pal Chriss' house, after chatting on the phone and totally on impulse, I left my house as I was ...knowing that no matter how I turned up Chrissy wouldn't turn a She kindly decided that I should share with you my fantastic new fashion took some pics of my fabby designer trousers to share with you... you don't get to see the rest of me....tooooo painful....lolI freaked when I saw this pic.... but believe me that REALLY ISN'T my normal My painter trousers have grown a shape and life of their own after six weeks of hand wiping additions. Don't know what cloths are for me :D
Not really doin' any work here... photo is staged... if you look close you can see there's no paint in the
Okay that's enuf from me today.... work to be done and all that.... today sanding walls....uuurrrgh... but one step nearer to having some me time and crafting fun... so onwards and upwards as they say :D
Hope you aren't too envious of my designer
Have a fab bank holiday all.
Chris xx

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Metal atc's with alcohol inks

Everything is taking soooooo much longer than planned with the decorating etc.... you know the saying 'the best laid plans' an all that!! Well I am beavering away and must admit I am getting sick to the high teeth of looking at paint cans etc but because the walls decided to fall with my latest wallpaper stripping efforts I now have 3 times as much work as originally planned. Lining paper has become the latest must have addition in my quest for a space that is liveable... hopefully it will solve many problems and mean that sooner... rather than later... I will have somewhere to put my sofa so's I can put my feet up for a while.
'tis DD's 27th Birthday today so I have just popped in during a well earned rest before I go help her celebrate with a big fat cream cake and a teensy weensy drink :D Mind you knowing that each year along with DD... I also get older.... doesn't fill me wif glee... specially as half a century is looming... OMG did I say half a century.... ok not for a couple of years yet.... can breathe a little for
These atc's are ones which I did for my pal Chriss' monthly atc club swap.
All images are from Lisa's altered art

The theme was 'Metal'

Backgrounds were created by running metal through script embossing folder and then adding Tim Holtz alcohol inks.
With just a few adhesive half pearls added in strategic places for added decoration.
I was quite attached to all of these and it was really hard work letting them go. I hope the recipients enjoyed them :D Hope to be back with you all soon cos I am soooooo missing my blog hopping and all your gorgeous creations.
hugs till then
Chris xx

Thursday, 6 August 2009

2 down,2 half done and 2 to go.....

places to decorate that is!! Okay the main reason for my absence is that I have moved house and oh boy what a lot of work to do.
2 rooms down, 2 half done and two to go....ooooooer
I have scraped, filled, sanded, painted, laid carpet and burnt the candle at both ends for weeks but hey it will all be worth it in the end. The t.v. program changing rooms don't have a look There will be lots of pics later but as I'm still borrowing computer time I can't upload anything right now.
My bedrooms are all done... bathroom and staircase almost there.... kitchen getting done(fingers crossed) at weekend and then only one more room to go....... cor I will need a rest after all this.
I must say though the self satisfaction at a job well done is fab.... I'm not very good at delegating cos I'm so bloomin' fussy.... so it serves me right if I'm knackered :D
I'm even considering learning to plaster...ha ha..... well I almost re-plastered the staircase the amount of filler I had to use for the million of holes left once the wallpaper was removed...hummmph.
So while you are having fun with your crafting.... spare a thought for this busy old bird cos curtain making and picture painting will have to suffice for my playtime until my boudoir is complete :D Can't wait to share with you the fruits of my labour but all in good time.

Ok some crafty stuff..... not made lately but luckily I had saved this ready to post before I moved so I would still have something to share with you.
I love wooden beads and I luuuuuurve playing with chain since I started jewellery making but although I was quite good with the set above..... I kinda lost the plot with the bracelet.... I will need someone to help lift the arm I wear this on in the

Hope you are all well and having fun and I hope to be back with you all real soon if everything goes according to plan.

Off to make curtains now...... wish me luck :D

Chris xx