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A New Year and a New beginning... I have created a new blog filled with old and new art. It is time for me to focus on something new. I will be leaving this blog open for inspiration and so I can look back at what I have achieved in the future but I will be adding no further content here.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sketch journal page3

This is one of my favourite sketches.... I don't know whether it is because of her hair... or if it's because her eyes are larger but something attracts me more to this one than the previous two.

I seem strangely drawn to the colour blue lately... which I find weird as it isn't usually one of my favourite colours being a bit cold.  I used watercolour pencils on this one ....

but I thought it a bit pale and didn't want to wet the paper too much as it's only sketch paper, so I added it bit more colour to the eyes lips and face with pencil again.

Chris xx

Monday, 29 November 2010

Sketch journal page2

One of the fun parts of trying out sketching different  faces is that they always end up looking so completely unlike what I imagine they will.  I am not working from reference photos yet... I guess that I will do this at a later date... I quite like the surprise at the end of my sketching so for now I am just going with the flow :D

It would be really freaky if I came across anyone in real life who actually looks similar to one of my drawings...ooooer.  I think I liked this one better before I added colour ... I used normal coloured pencils this time... liked them better than the pastel pencils.

I am getting better every day... though it may not look like it to 

You will see as the days go on.  It is definitely right that the more you do something... the better you become and the easier it gets.  I am trying to leave the mistakes I've made just so I can look back myself and see what I have achieved in future weeks.  Sometimes I just don't see that something isn't right until I look at the finished sketch and then it's too late to erase it anyway.

No matter.... I am learning to love my art... warts and all :D
Thanks for looking
Chris xx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sketch journal page1

This week I am going to share with you the pages from my ongoing sketch journal... page by page... so you can see what I've been doing :D  I've been trying different techniques and it amazes me how each day my sketches have taken on a life of their own and how I've progressed with them.  I haven't been happy with EVERY one BUT it's been a learning curve :-) 

I started just doing practice graphite sketches BUT couldn't just leave them uncoloured... even though that is what I had planned in the beginning.  So I tried out pastel pencils on this page... I found them really hard to work with so stuck with only a few colours. Definitely need to practice more with different mediums and it is fun to play so I will keep trying.

I need to discover some blending tips so I can use more colours... the paper is pretty smooth so didn't give a really good key for the pastels to cling to so maybe I will try them on a more textured paper at a later date.

Now I will be postdating the rest of the weeks posts because I will be taking part in  this Free class by Jessica Sprague.  If you fancy joining me you still have time and it's for every crafter whatever your latest crafty addiction is.  I for one can't wait!!  Hope to see you there ;-)

Chris xx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Healing Invitation Angel

I'm sad because this is the last week of The Willowing course by Tam... it's been a wonderful journey... and a little emotional at times.  I have learned such a lot and I have loved getting into painting (ok so you didn't notice that

This final week we had to create a Healing Inspiration Angel and it was great... I even did my Angel on an A3 sheet so I could enjoy it for longer.  It was a bit of a challenge painting so large but I did have a great time doing it.

My painting journey hasn't ended with the course though... I will carry on learning ...this is just the beginning :D  I can't wait to do more.
The course is going to be up indefinitely on the Willowing ning site so if you would like to take part click on the link on the sidebar on the right and have some fun learning new things... it is really fab...believe me :D
Chris xx

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Doodling again...

cos stamping and stuff just isn't doin' it for me right now.  I feel lost without a pen, pencil or paintbrush in my hand!!  It's just sooooo relaxing having a sketchpad in front of me and just going with the flow.  When I drew this ice skate it brought back memories of all the times I tried to learn and all the times I landed on my backside while trying ha ha ha

I love to watch people whizzing around on the ice and I have to admit they make me a little bit envious too.... but as I don't really like the cold,  it's not something I am desperate to be good at.  Give me HEAT any day of the week... sunshine or central heating... I don't mind which... as long as I am warm :D
Chris xx

Monday, 22 November 2010

Ration book thrinchie

I created this thrinchie a while ago and just found it in my pictures folder so thought I would share.  The background stamp is from Paperartsy and the smaller image stamp is by Crafty Individuals.  I used distress inks and I love the look they give on different papers.  The background was done on canvassy sort of paper so it has a lovely grungy look.
Now I had to share this too cos it kinda freaked me  The picture below is one I rearranged a bit from a photo of my Dad on his wedding day (right) and his brother (left) cos I was fascinated by how similar they are to the guys in the stamped image...oooooer

What do you think ???

You just couldn't make it up could ya....rofl

Chris xx

Friday, 19 November 2010

Jewellery pouch

You thought I'd forgotten how to stamp didn't  I thought it was time I shared something other than painting... don't want ya all getting bored seeing the same old,same old.  So today I'm sharing a little paper jewellery pouch I made.  It looks a bit flat (just the way I took the photo ) but there is plenty of room inside for a brooch or pair of earings:D

I punched holes along the top to make a simple threaded ribbon closure and the gorgeous paper and stamp are from Crafty Individuals.

See I can do something
See you soon
Chris xx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Chipboard jewellery and a little toot :D

A little bit of excitement today cos I can now share with you that I have been invited to join the Tando Creative Design Team.... whooohoooo with a cherry on top :D  That means lots of lovely lovely chippie will be coming my way to play with.  I want to say a HUGE thank you to Di  for the opportunity and I hope you will pop over to the Tando blog to join in with the gorgeous things that I and the other DT members will be sharing there.

I couldn't abandon my painting just yet... oh you just know that I can' so I was uber excited when I realised that the Tando Chipboard is sturdy enough to take whatever I throw at it... and as it also has a gorgeous white coating it's ideal for painting on. Yeeeeeessss!!  So for my first pieces for the DT I decided to create some heart jewellery.  I think Frida Kahlo is a wonderful artist and my brooch above is in honour of her.

I then decided to paint a little whimsy girl and turned the painting into a necklace before finally doing a mixed media brooch (below) too.   Lotsa fun... I enjoyed every moment.

This one was created by throwing bits of kitchen roll at it... ok ..ok I didn't throw them... I rolled them and collaged them and added swirls of fabric coated wire... but you know what I mean ;-)
The colouring is watercolour crayons and acrylic paint mixed.

Now for the best bit... I made these from the Tando Home hanger and I still have another heart and the words left to play with... heh heh.. I'm nothing if not frugal with my goodies!! 

I will share what I make with what's left soon.  TFL
Chris xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Freedom art journal page

A bit of a change from painting with this page... but hey I still have pencils and pens in my hands.  I love doing backgrounds with coloured pencil because they have such a delicate look.   Glueing and sticking is so therapeutic too and those old magazines sure do come in useful :D

Doing pages opens up some really wierd stuff in my head sometimes... do you feel that when you do yours???  Do you feel that sometimes other people pull the strings in your life more than you do yourself... I think I have always been a people pleaser... more worried about others than myself and it sure is a hard habit to break.   ooooooooer DEEP or
Chris xx

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Splish, Splash, Sploshing around....

with paint that is :D  Just fancied a play and made a swirly stencil out of paper to play with for my background.  loadsa fun!!   Used more images from Dyans downloads but this time I coloured them with paint and Copic markers.  So versatile... I am gonna have to have

I started off with an idea BUT after I wrote my journalling on the page (just quickly by hand) I looked at the page again and it reminded me of something that happened a long time ago so I think now I am gonna paint over a bit of it and add different journalling... sheesh the things I

It was the HAT that did it!!  Provoked a memory from my childhood when these hats were all the rage and we began making a corduroy one at school... all hand sewing too I might add.... I was about 8 at the time.  However I had an accident and got my fingers badly trapped in a car door so was absent from school for a while and when I returned was still bandaged up so couldn't sew... but worse... because I wasn't at school my teacher decided to give MY HAT to someone else to complete and keep.  SO MISS BROWN... if you ever read this .... KNOW that I hated you for that from the depths of my
Chris xx

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Believe in yourself....

because if  You think you ' can't  '... You won't '.   That's my journalling thought for this piece...prompted by the fact that I spent sooooo long thinking that I couldn't paint or do faces that I stopped myself from doing any of it in any constructive way and many other things too.   I am slowly beginning to believe in my own ability now and I'm so glad I didn't give up completely :D

I've often cried tears of frustration over something I've wanted to do and my own negativity has stopped me from going further... so now I am going to turn over a new leaf and I'm gonna start believing in me... who knows where that might lead :D
Do YOU believe in YOU!!

Chris xx

Friday, 12 November 2010

Dyans new downloads....

are totally tickling me... I loves them :D  Got my hands on a few this week and though I'm jumping from one thing to another at the moment  like a flee in a circus!! (well when your mojo is moving you gotta work it I managed to roll my painting and a journal page into one....whooohoo

No having to scoot around in magazines for images to use (although I do like to do that when i have time) just painted my background and got down n dirty with me pritt stick :D  Even fancied myself as a bit of a
fashion designer lol... so I created my own catwalk.  Dresses out of bows and ties... whatever next ha ha ha.

Not that I have legs like that.... more like tree trunks... but I can dream!!

strut your stuff ... because... you're worth it :D  Well we are aren't we???

If you fancy getting your hands on some of Dyans downloads you can find them HERE and pop over to Dyans blog too cos there is loads of inspiration there... you won't be sorry :D
Okay gotta scoot... the paintbrushes are calling my name and though I haven't had much time for blogging lately I am gonna pre post some stuff on standby today so there will be more for you to see this week.
Chris xx

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Whimsy painting

I have soooo been neglecting my blog but time just seems to be flying away with me especially with my new found love of painting.  I can't seem to put my paintbrush down and after progressing to Whimsy lessons on Tam's free willowing course it's even more fun.  I'm so glad I joined up.... there is still time for you to join in with the fun...just click on the link to the right :D

Butterflies, toadstools and whimsy are bringing out the little girl in me once

Have a great day :D
Chris xx