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A New Year and a New beginning... I have created a new blog filled with old and new art. It is time for me to focus on something new. I will be leaving this blog open for inspiration and so I can look back at what I have achieved in the future but I will be adding no further content here.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Santa's been :D and gone...

and I was so busy using my video camera that I almost didn't get any photos!! I do it every year even though I promise myself not too.. I just can't turn the video off 'till all the pressies are opened. So only a few to share I'm afraid but here goes :-
No self respecting Santa comes on Christmas day without bearing a parcel containing at least one dress up outfit for Dear Grandson... just wouldn't be Christmas without one :D
So this year DG was transformed into....
the boy with power in his hands
the one and only Darth Vadar and oh boy did he love it :D

He tried to get his Mum and I to go see if Santa had been at 2 a.m. but considering us adults didn't get to bed 'till 1.30 a.m. he had nil chance of getting up then... we managed to keep him in bed until 7.30 a.m. but don't think there was too much sleep happening because by lunch time he looked like he was ready to hit the pillow again...bless :D He did perk up after eating a grown up portion of starter, main course and dessert though... cor can that boy eat and pulled every cracker and party popper he could lay his hands
Now did Santa leave ME anything under the Christmas tree.... you betcha he did!!
JUST WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED... tra la la la la
A pair of PINK FLUFFY DICE!! DD's idea of turning a 40+ Mum into a wannabe teenager
Well I've never owned any so I guess there's a first time for everything... including the addition of a lovely pink blinged tax disc holder... hope I don't bump in to anyone I know while I'm on my My Grandson wanted to make his Nanna happy and I was so surprised but elated when he presented me with some gorgeous bling for my crafting... and there was I thinking he didn't pay attention to what I do and love :D That's my boy!!

Now last but not least... the one you've all been waiting for ... well you have to have one nutter in a photo at Christmas and somehow I always manage to be 'IT' courtesy of DD and this year is no exception so without further ado
Take one Daughter with a camera in hand
Add one gift
A bit of persuasion... well a lot really!!
Strike a pose
And there you have it.....
The lady who ate ALL THE PIES....ROFL
Okay so I look different... well my profile photo was taken about May So I've had a good seven months for my hair to grow and also to turn into a blimp (see all that chocolate...does stay on the hips)
So guess what my New Year's resolution is...........
See you soon and hope you all had a fandabydozy time :D
Chris xx
p.s. d'ya think I suit yellow!!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

One more sleep....

'till the big man with the beard and the red suit comes to visit and I'm sooooooo excited my tummy is full 'o' butterflies. Am I a believer... YOU BET!! Don't you know if you don't believe in Santa you don't get any pressies... I believe.. I believe... I BELIEVE rofl.
All shopping done... pressies wrapped and I am going to have a fun day today after I've had me a nice relaxing ... full of bubbles... nice smelling... warm as toast bath and put me glad rags on. May even do up me face to go visiting and pressie delivering :D
I am sleeping at DD's tonight because as DG says.... Santa won't come if I'm not there... awwwww bless :D
Okay 'nuff waffling and some bits and pieces to share specially as I didn't get round to blogging earlier cos of pressie buying, food shopping and the like, so much to do... so little time just like all of you probably.
So first of all some mini cards I did with my alcohol inks, and women stamps from The Queen's dresser drawers, the background text stamp was a gift from my pal Chriss so I don't know who's stamp it is but I love it.
Next the last of my Crimbo cards to share with you this year... I know you are probably sick of the sight of them by now heh heh!!
A girly one featuring Ellie from Cen's Crafty bits

with handwritten sentiment... bling :D ... and Christmas glitter...

and a more masculine one featuring Joe, watercoloured and holding his own Christmas star...

using some of my favourite Papermania papers and covered chipboard to add the sentiment to.

Now before I leave you in peace :D a couple of awards to share from some special girlies...
This one from Dawn

The rules are to give it to five others, who shall give it to five others.
Link the one you got it from, and also the ones you give it to - then let them know.
And there is more... You have to write down five things you are addicted to.

I award this to....
Ok Ok I know that's 6 but hey it's Christmas so I'm
and the five things I'm addicted to :_
Coffee ... keeps me awake
Bling!! ... makes me smile
Crafting... keeps me sane
Spending money on crafty bits....ooooer
My Grandson.... He puts the light in my life and fills it with fun :D

Finally I received this smashing award from the lovely Suzyb... "Gift of the Gab award"... speaks for itself doesn't
Well I really can't help the fact that I often have verbal diarhoea... I just can't stop my mouth or my fingers (when typing comments etc) from running away with me. Hey you should be inside my brain... I'm sure there are little fella's in there working overtime to make sure the cogs are well oiled and able to keep running :D

Suzy forgot the rules for this so I've no rules to follow so I'll just pass it on as Suzyb did to fellow bloggers who have entertained me with their own chattering online and off and they are :-
I could go on and on all day BUT I will have to stop there or else I won't get round everyone I've got to deliver gifts to today or have time to beautify myself in readiness for the big day... so I send you all a wish for a Fabulous day tomorrow and hope you all have heaps of fun :D
See you soon
Chris xx

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas to you all

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Well the Christmas shopping is all but done... yipppppeeeeee just a couple of more things to get and OMG I am getting excited now whooohoooo!! So DG and I along with Hovis the cat (who has just come home in time for Christmas after being missing for two weeks) decided it was time for us to get in the party mood and wish you all a FABULOUSLY HAPPY FUN FILLED HOLIDAY TIME. I still have a couple of posts ready for the next couple of days so I'm not deserting you yet but just wanted to make sure I got this in befoe I forget(you know what my memory is like) Hope you enjoy our little show as much as I did...rofl Hey wish I could dance like that in reality though... if I tried it I'd probably end up on a stretcher in casualty ;-D
Chris xx

Friday, 19 December 2008

The bubble has burst....

well whatever was making me look like a greedy So thankfully no visit to the Dentist this time, I know I should still go but now the pain has gone so has the feeling of desperation. I've no doubt it will return at some point in the future... but for now I am more than happy to take the cowards way out and leave the dental chair for someone who really needs it before Christmas :D I'm smiling again and in a happy place... still not finished crimbo shopping but as I'm usually a last minute shopper I know I will still have everything ready for the visit from the man with the white beard... even if I have to spend most of Christmas Eve night wrapping last minute buys.

A pretty in pink Christmas card to share today... just a little break away from the usual seasonal colours, Ellie from Cen's crafty bits water coloured and glittered before layering onto some of my favourite Papermania papers... added a few flowers, buttons, lace and tinselly yarn and I'm in girly heaven :D
Off to pick up DG now to take him to buy his own Christmas gifts... that should be fun... hope this year he doesn't chose a vase for his Mum like the bright red , misshapen one he bought last year.. she's only just managed to convince him that it needs to be moved from pride of place in the living room to allow space for something else...rofl The joys of Motherhood and loving children :D
Chris xx

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Cosmo Cricket Christmas

Well I had intended to blog earlier today but woke up this morning with a BIG FAT What has that got to do with blogging I hear you ask... well though my face is getting bigger as well as my body from too much chocolate munching (dieting will begin after Christmas I promise myself) it usually gets a bit bigger on both sides not just one!! I look like a chipmunk who is pouching his food in one cheek ;0 A sore face had me well feeling sorry for meself and as I didn't sleep much last night I ended up having a four hour snooze this afternoon.. ;-0
What I want to know is WHY if you are going to have a gum infection or toothache it is more likely to happen at this time of year. My absolute horror of the men in white coats... (not the ones who are coming to take me away ha ha) ... but the ones who brandish needles the size of a javelin and are kak handed to boot... is making me quiver with fright just thinking about having my chipmunk cheek deflated. Probably a course of antibiotics will be on the cards but just making the visit for a check up makes me start shaking from head to foot. If I could be knocked out long enough to get me to the surgery, have the treatment and wake up afterwards at home I'd be one happy bunny... in the meantime I will wait until it gets so unbearable that I HAVE to do something about it... how sad is that. Anyone know a nice Dentist who does house visits to terrified Nanna's and has a magic pain free touch... all offers
Okay so now I've bored you to death with my dental saga's I will share with you some eye candy in the form of more of my latest Christmas cards, this time using the new Cosmo Cricket Christmas papers which you can see more of here I just adore this collection of Papers and the pop out shapes are gorgeous especially these fab mittens.
This one is a an unusual card for me but it just seemed to come together in my head and I'm quite pleased with how different it is from my normal cards.
I wrapped yarn around the bottom half (which is like mini tinsel) and tore the layered paper for some texture.
I'm quite in to adding my own writing at the moment too as I think it adds a more personal touch.
Last but not least Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a bauble would it and I just loved this shape with the button like centre and the believe sentiment. A bit of ribbon and some lace with the obligatory bling added the finishing touch.
Thanks for looking... see you soon
Chris xx

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Willow Sketchie and Artygirlz (favourite medium) challenges

I combined two challenges for my card today, Willow's sketchie challenge which I haven't managed to join in with for a few weeks and this weeks Artygirlz challenge which is 'favourite medium'. So just before I drown you in Christmas pics I thought I would share this with you and give you a break(would share the kit-kats with you too but I've eaten them
I rotated the sketch because I found it fit better with what I had in mind to do, but that's the beauty of sketches to me... a starting block to get the mojo going and a lot of fun too.
My favourite medium... well I don't need to tell ya really do I... 'BLING A LING A LING' doesn't get missed off a lot of what I create does it :D I am really loving curling the edges of my papers and shapes too, though on this card I stopped with the shapes.
More of my favourite things with chipboard, ribbon and Silhouettes just had me in a happy place making this card and the reverse silhouettes from Cen's Crafty bits are some of my favourites... really cool and printed out on A6 photo paper they are just the perfect size to use with a circle punch..whooohooo easy peasy.... and my ribbon box is getting some hammer lately too... d'ya think I'm over my addiction to stroking and stashing
Ok just before I go I have to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our well talented blogging buddy Kath who has recently won Simply Cards and Papercrafts magazine Card Designer of the year Competition 2008... really well deserved too as Kath's creations are stunning in every way. If you haven't paid her blog a visit... what are you waiting for :D
Kath is also having some blog candy giveaways in the lead up to Christmas... so pop by and say hello... I know she would be happy for you to.
Okay that's it for me tonight... am shattered after DG visit this weekend, 8yr olds have sooooooo much energy and I'm as sure as God made little green apples that DG runs on Everready (sp)batteries!!
See you soon
Chris xx

Saturday, 13 December 2008

I've been a bad blogger....

this week things just seemed to get in the way... all the best laid plans and all that!! Sometimes I feel like I am on a great big merrygoround that just gets faster and faster and I can't jump So much to do and so little time to do it in. Although I get excited about Christmas it seems that there is so much to do and think about that everything else takes second place... no wonder that after Christmas Day I want to be a couch potato for a month... ok nothing new there I did finally manage to get some Christmas cards made and posted (wouldn't be forgiven for sending some people bought ones IYKWIM) every year I say I will start making them early but I just never seem to manage it ;-)
This one was made using Crafty Individuals papers and flourish stamp, along with word stamps from my SeeD's collection.
I enjoyed doing some embossing for the first time in an age and I had forgotten how much I love seeing the embossing powders melt... the first time I tried it I was so impressed I think I embossed on every card I made for a
I HAVE to use 3d sticky pads somewhere on almost all of my cards 'cos flat just doesn't do it for me so my little angel got the treatment as well as the wording and flourish :D
A bit of velvet ribbon for a luxurious feel and Bob's your uncle... all done and dusted.
Hope you all have a fab weekend and I'm off to catch up with you all now :D
Chris xx

Gothic arch challenge (trees)

I had the opportunity to play with my new distress inks while doing this weeks Gothic Arch Challenge and oooh they is gawgus!! Didn't buy the tool to use them with so used a makeup sponge to apply them and I love the effect they give. I wanted to have a bit of fun with this one and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The trees and bird are Crafty Individuals stamps, Mona is from Lost coast designs, nests are from Lisa's altered art and Little Mona from Artchix. I even used some of the sticky ribbon I've had in my ribbon box for about How good am I? ;-0
Chris xx

Monday, 8 December 2008

Papergirls Altered jigsaw challenge

It's my turn to set the challenge over on The Papergirls blog so this month the theme is an altered jigsaw with added 'Bling' If you don't have a jigsaw piece you can alter there is a template available here that you can use which has four different sizes to suit your own individual taste.
Below is my jigsaw piece example which includes a Christmas image from Cens' crafty bits as the focal point. After printing I added white glitter to Santa's hat and beard using pva glue to add a 3d effect.
I stamped mini circles with a snowflake stamp (unknown) to make little paper baubles with added ribbon....
a little bit of bling and prima flowers adds a girly touch... and I stamped onto the background paper (free from Cen's loft Christmas freebies) using an Artistic Stamper flourish stamp and Red Brick distress ink from Scrapz before edging the whole jigsaw piece with gold Kryon pen.
A ribbon bow and hanger with more bling completed my little project....

and now I have another Christmas decoration to add to my ever growing collection :D
Thanks for looking and I hope that you will pop over to the Papergirls blog and join in with the challenge. You will find the other details including the closing date over there :D
Happy crafting
Chris xx


Yep... that's me!! Especially when a certain little gentleman presents his Nanna with a lovely little lady like this :) DG won her in a raffle and thought about me because my favourite colour is red and I like angels....awwwww sniff, sniff, sniff. Aren't they the times in your life when everything seems worthwhile :D You betcha!! This little angel certainly brought me much joy and warmed my heart.
So now it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... la la la la la la la in our place... tree was up last week after much persuasion from my little man, and the dust came off the baubles and other little bits scattered around the room to delight me for another year. Think I'm still only 8 inside :D I'm like a kid in a candy shop... lovin' it...lovin' it... lovin' it.
Christmas cards are being made... not as quick as I'd like but I'm getting there, this one courtesy of Cosmo Cricket goodies and some tiny buttons and rub on sticker( share gifts from by buddies Chriss and Karen respectively xx)... and as it says on the card... I do...
BELIEVE in Santa....rofl Well who else is gonna bring me a stocking laden with gorgeous goodies for Crimbo but the man himself and anyway after watching Miracle on 34th Street earlier with DG how could I not believe in Kris Kringle eh!!
Can't show you pics of everything cos I will have to share layouts after Christmas so hope you enjoyed my little sneaky peaks :D
Now as promised last Monday I have some little RAK's to share and just to make it fair I used to pick out some numbers :D So this time the winners of some crafty goodies are as follows:-
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:10 2 9
Timestamp: 2008-12-08 01:29:42 UTC
Which translates to Karen(no2) Shashi (no9) and Kristen (no 10) and as soon as I get some addresses the postie will be a busy little guy :D
Have a great day all
Chris xx

Thursday, 4 December 2008

All dressed down with nowhere to

Well after all the excitement of yesterday's visit to the Oscars' and all of that bubbly and Chocolate I am in meltdown. Threw off my glam clothes and bling as soon as I got home last night and hit the pillow like a rock in an avalanche and as always said "Never again" BUT I just couldn't do that to my loyal So despite having the hangover from hell (with the drink I never drunk...rofl) must've been the bubbles... I upped and put on my make up and bling!! I decided however that I was sure you wouldn't mind... due to the fact that I am bloomin' freezing because we got SNOW through the night... if I wore my most comfy and yes poshest dressing gown and stayed at home to receive my awards My tiara didn't slip once cos I have been on my best behaviour (well apart from jumping up and down and yelling yeeeeehhhhhaaaaa when 'The David' was evicted from Celeb tonight hee hee) because I spotted the Queen crown on the table all ready for the final night at the Oscars and I soooo want to wear it cos it's got my name on it. Well I am Queen of the bling right... cos even if I don't use it on everything I create..I still look at it and swoon everyday :D
So now that I am comfy in my lush surroundings and warm as toast in my squishy, snuggly gown here are a few more awards to pass on :D
I received my first award of the evening from the lovely Sharon
and had a double whammy with this Kreative blogger award from the gorgeous Chriss and Nancy and finally this wonderful blogging friends award from a truly special friend Sue
Thank you all sooooooo much... you are all special to me and I am so glad to have become friends with you all in this virtual world... you all rock my girlies :D

Now once again I can't remember the rules (blush blush) so I am going to do the same as yesterday and pass these awards on to some more special girlies with the option of choosing one or all of them for your collection :D

Tonight my awards go to Kath, Karen, Terrie, Shashi, June, Heather, Dawn, Rein, Sandy and Debbie. Enjoy :D

Be back with my last night at the Oscars soon... ooooh I will get to wear my new crown... don't forget to join me :D
Chris xx

Remember my Altered fairy box....

from here.... well finally I'm going to show you the other side. As usual my memory deserted me and I forgot to show it to you and as most of my time has been taken up at the Oscars this week I'm afraid there hasn't been much creating getting done...ooops. So just to show that I haven't been a total diva all of the I thought you might like to see.....
what the other side of my fairy box ended up like. It began with this...and I added some Papermania paper and pretty butterflies
a little bit of bling and silver pen to make them more delishiousssss
Some Papermania chipboard shapes are always a welcome addition and the forever tag even had added bling attached... no hard work for me there then :D
Birdies and blooms go well together and this little fella with his crown is right at home...
he comes from Lisa's altered art... as does this little fairy and her friends... wonder what she's thinking!! She could be wondering why this little guy is looking soooo surprised... is it because he's outnumbered by all the girly fairies or is he wondering where his own little birdie has disappeared to ? Or maybe it's because this little fairy, so pretty in pink seems not very happy about something... maybe he got the blame... for something that wasn't his fault... mmmm I wonder :D Whatever the reason they are all part of their own little fairy tale... and it has a happy ending for me because I get to keep the box...lolThanks for looking... have a great day :D
Chris xx