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A New Year and a New beginning... I have created a new blog filled with old and new art. It is time for me to focus on something new. I will be leaving this blog open for inspiration and so I can look back at what I have achieved in the future but I will be adding no further content here.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

It's been a funny old week...

...this week and I'm still not sure whgere the time has gone.  Not on much creating though that's for sure!!

I've done some spring cleaning... lots of it... had a  two day visit from my bestest crafty pal Chriss and shared some time with my gorgeous Grandson.  I've tried unsuccessfully to get my laptop going only for it to crash yet again (definitely need a new hard drive now) and managed to get my hoover to give up the ghost too....I think bad gremlins have moved in to all my electrical stuff!!

I had a bit of a soppy moment yesterday when I saw DD all dressed up in her first suit (she doesn't do formal wear normally) and I'm not ashamed to say that I had a huge lump in my throat and though I don't often talk about her on my blog I feel like I want to say how proud I am to be able to say she is mine.  She has grown up into a beautiful young lady and she makes my heart sing.

Okay I'm yabbering so I am going to leave you with my latest dylusions journal page and I hope to get chance to visit you all this week.

Chris xx

Friday, 22 April 2011

oooh pretty colours...

still coming out to play and these are Dylusions ink sprays.  So yummy yummy you could eat them!! I did some spraying through and over stencils for the background. I  dipped the lid into a puddle of ink on my craft mat to create the green circles and used the edge of a credit card dipped in ink for the lines on the top left. I used a white pen to add the lettering and doodling.

Found the dog image in a mag which I covered with Gesso and then used a paintbrush with the pink ink to re-colour it. The head and hat images are from Dyan's downloads... cute eh. 
Chris xx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shoes art journal page

Who doesn't like shoes.... answers on a postcard   Well I do... but they gotta have heels to be branded favourites.  I don't just like wearing them... I love looking at them too.  I don't have as many pairs as I used too... but if I was rich I would have a room full!!

This is the last painterly page for now... but I have been doing more with my dylusions ink sprays so still have more to share.
Chris xx

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Red dress journalpage

This week will be all about journalling pages... because despite my laptop and my drawing tablet both dying last week  I at least had my camera  and my oh so slow desktop computer to get me by... that was until my camera decided not to play either... OMG how much bad luck can someone have in a week!!  So I'm afraid although I have some yummy goodies to share I have to rely on my scanner for now.

So another painterly page ... this time overpainting images taken from magazines after doing the background.

Bits of doodling and cut out text.

Thanks for looking. Be back soon.
Chris xx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Another painterly journal page.

You can tell spring is in the air... all the bonny colours are coming out to play.  When I started this page I was thinking Carmen Miranda...ish.  Instead of fruit and a pretty face though... I came up with circles and abstract but even though my girlie has no eyes... she still thinks 'She's all that!!' lol

Not my usual thing but it's fun to experiment and stretch the bounderies from time to time.

Go get out your bright colours and play.... go on... you know you want to.
Chris xx

Saturday, 16 April 2011


...makes me want to paint with pretty colours... so I did a background of acrylics and watercolour and created a pretty lady to enjoy the flowers.

The sun is glorious here so I may just have me a lovely creative weekend.  Hope you find time to play too.
Chris xx

Friday, 15 April 2011

Delightful Dylusions

I finally managed to get my hands on some Dylusions spray inks and had a play with some in my journal.  Love... love... love the vibrant colours and they are so easy to use.  I used them directly on the page and through a hand cut paper flower stencil and then on some text paper....totally cool and my new toy of the moment.

I added a painting I did that wasn't quite right as a whole but looked cool cut down the middle and put at opposite ends of the double page.

I love the ink splatters from the sprays and they look fab between my stars.

I had to add some sketching... it's a must have for me on my pages.  Even when it's just a box or some doodles.  When I got my inks I also got a Posca white pen and oooooooh it is just THE BEST white pen I have ever used.  It covers everything and makes for great doodling!!

Have a great day
Chris xx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sparkling ATC's

Not creating much yet but forgot to share these atc's with you that I made while taking part in a free workshop over at Hands and Heart.  I really enjoyed making them and they are really magical when the light catches them although they were a little difficult to photograph.

Lots of layers including acrylic paint, stamping, glitter and watercolour.

Pretty faces from Lisa's Altered art images which were collaged and overpainted.

 little additions such as gems and words on some to add to the fun....

Hope you like them.
Chris xx

Monday, 11 April 2011

All's well that ends well...

It's been a worrying couple of weeks but finally things are beginning to settle down.  I've come home today after staying with Mam while Dad was in hospital.  She is feeling loads better and we are all relieved that Dad's operation went well and for the first time in over 3 years he is pain free.  He came home today so they are happy to be back together and a lot more settled. 

  I've had no Internet access so I couldn't blog and also haven't really been in the mood to craft... but hopefully now things will begin to get back to normal and that includes me being able to be creative again.   So thank you for all your support it means a lot to me.

I will share a few sketches over the next couple of days  that I did before all the drama began... and will hopefully have something different to share soon.

This is Bonita ... and a close up of the sketch...

followed by a coloured version.

Thanks for popping by... see you again soon
Chris xx