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A New Year and a New beginning... I have created a new blog filled with old and new art. It is time for me to focus on something new. I will be leaving this blog open for inspiration and so I can look back at what I have achieved in the future but I will be adding no further content here.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Love to learn layout

Weeeeelll I was going to do all sorts today... had planned a bit of crafting time but didn't manage any so far and the days almost gone. Just looked out of the window a few minutes ago while I was tidying up and was thinking what a lovely day we've had today and then I glanced at my watch and couldn't believe it's after 6pm already. Cor where'd my day go!! I love light nights but when they creep up on ya like this before the clocks change it's a little bit disconcerting.
So I have to share something I did earlier... another layout of DG doing his exploring thing :D
I had a whale of a time putting this one together with all the circles and layering but I enjoyed it heaps.
I used papers and chipboard from BasicGrey Archaic... totally love these for boy stuff...

I added circles of cardboard and crumpled/distressed papers with a scattering of buttons
and chipboard stars.
I didn't want to add lots of journalling so I just hand wrote lots of words to do with learning around my embellishments.
Well I guess I had better go get me some tea now before it's supper time already :D
I'm surprised my tummy hasn't been growling at me.
Chris xx


eeeeeeeeeh I wasn't looking for sympathy yesterday... I was taking the mick out of meself really... for being such a numpty ( You know the saying "If somethings not broken...why fix it?" Well I've never been one to take any My 'hair raising' colour experiments should have ended years ago... but me... I have to be clever... I never learn!!
So armed with another dye, towels and me mag and cuppa coffee I headed off to the bathroom to punish meself again. Now I knew I wasn't going to end up like Kojak... hair that years ago took 60%vol peroxide without falling out wasn't going to give in to a measly 20% of a shop bought colour... BUT... I wasn't ready to go from lilac to pink or even gingggger (done that one so I had my beady eye well fixed above the frame of me glasses to make sure that this wasn't going to end up with me having egg on me face again :D
40mins later and Voila!! I'm almost back to normal... I say almost cos the natural colour of the hair that frames me face is now Lilly White and that's NO lie. I ain't giving in and growing old gracefully... no way man!! After fighting with my weight since January I intend to be a proper tooty ta hooty by summer and I have to have the locks to go with it right!!
Still not showing you a pic of me face yet... I'm saving it for the great unveiling... when I've lost all me weight and I've got me glad rags and me polyfilla on... but I can tell ya... today my face isn't red anymore... today it's as calm as me hair... rofl :D
Be back later with something crafty... just thought I'd give you an update and let you know I'm a happy wee bunny again :D
Chris xx

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Listen while I

Ok I was a lady of few words in my last post... the reason for that is below.... can you guess what it is???? Put your coffee down before you read on... no compensation given if you spit it all over yer keyboard.
It's me bl**dy hair!!!!!!!
Now I thought I would be well into my eighties before I got my first lilac rinse... you know... the time for putting yer feet up and knitting shreddies like the knitting nanna's on the telly.
Well that was before I had a brainwave and decided to use a new colour on my hair. I've dyed my own hair for over 20 years since the first signs of my Mallen streak appeared white before my eyes.
So no probs thought I when I decided to use an ever just so slightly lighter colour than before... followed the instructions to a T no over timing etc etc etc
Stuck me head over the sink and rinsed............ WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
I NOOOOO LIKE IT!!!! rofpmsl!!!
So now I've got to go through the whole thing again.... I'm traumatised I am :D s'not bloomin' fair.
So you can guess what I'll be doin' tonight... it definately WON'T be watching TV with me feet up.
Just as well I keep a supply of hair dye at hand... that'll teach me to be clever... bottle blonde is definately not just bottle blonde... it depends on what bottle it comes out of :D

Did you notice I didn't show you a shot of me face.... that's cos red and lilac aren't really that pretty

Have a great evening all
Chris xx

Funky-fairy-challenge#8 -Scrapbook page.

I think this is one of my all time favourite photos of DG and I decided to scrap it for The Funkyfairys challenge this week which is Scrapbook page.
I used 'In with the old' and 'Dots are Distressing' papers.
He's my proper little Tuff Guy :D

I layered up the stars with 3d pads and added card candy from Craftwork cards
I also added BasicGrey Archaic rub-ons.
Thanks for looking
Chris xx

Friday, 20 March 2009

Willow Sketchie Challenges

Well I'm sharing two cards with you for the Willow Sketchie Challenges cos I didn't manage to upload the last one in time. This weeks challenge is first :D
Just in time for Mothers' Day I used this weeks sketchie for my Mams' card and it's just as well she doesn't read my blog cos I used a photo of her when she was little on the front ( I don't even think she knows that I've got
Along with the sketch the challenge was to use embossing somewhere on your card and I used a strip of dotty cuttlebugged card across the middle and the circles beneath the flowers are embossed too but not very visible I'm afraid... you just have to take my word for it :D
The papers on this card are from Willow Designs Floral collection cd. I added some big blooms... paper punched flowers and some gorgeous pearl hearts and a strip of paper lace made with a Fiskars border punch.
The previous challenge was to use dots and stripes along with another sketchie and this time I used papers from Willow Designs Occasions Collection cd. The 'For you' fairy looks right a home there doesn't she?

I added a piece of ribbon under the sentiment and a hand cut dotty flower under my prima flower to bring everything together.
The little green circles are 'toffee treats' from Craftwork cards... yummy.
Have a great weekend all :D
Chris xx

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Ready, Steady, Cook... DCM challenge

Errrrm... you can stop holding your breath cos I ain't cookin'... can't cook, won't cook is more normal for me. Gimme a microwave any day of the week... can't even boil an egg properly no matter how I try, I've used the clock... bought a timer etc and still they don't come out right so I scramble them

So you are saved from pics of charred foodies cos it's Kathy's turn to set The Daring Cardmakers challenge ... 'Ready, Steady, Cook and the recipe :-

3 Different papers
At least 1 piece of chipboard
At least 1 button
At least 1 piece of ribbon
1 optional extra of your choice
I had a lot of fun with this one and a happy accident too :D I used 3 BasicGrey papers from the Sultry range....

An outside piece from a Riff Raff Designs chipboard butterfly with paper, ribbon and a button for our fluttery friend
and my happy accident was that, as I inked the edge of my card I slipped... so I ended up creating a wood effect round the edges with felt tip pen... to cover it up :D

Then after layering the flowery paper down the side I added my optional extra..... yeah you guessed it.......
'BLING'... lol
Have a great day all
Chris xx

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tag your it challenge-Time for Tea

This weeks Tag your it challenge had me thinking cake, cake,cake and after seeing all of the gorgeous DT tags with cakes on them I was glad I didn't have any in the house cos I could feel my resolve not to eat any sweet stuff quickly slipping away from

So bearing that in mind... I decided to go for something a little bit different and use my favourite Mona stamp. I often wonder what she was thinking when her portrait was painted.
So I decided that Mona wishes.....
She was sharing secrets over a cup of tea rofl...

Wonder what she could tell us if she could speak.... ok... ok.... I'm a nutter... I
I used more of the 'In with the old' paper from Funkyfairys papercrafts and hand sewed (did you get that... hand sewed) some tiny beads onto the main tag and threaded some to attach the smaller tag. I really must get me some of those gorgeous half beads that lots of peeps are using cos they look adorable and much easier than getting out the needle and thread. If I stick normal beads on they have a tendency to roll off after a while... no matter what glue I use :(
Hope the sun is shining where you are... it's been a lovely bright day here for a change, it's so nice to look out and see the sun... always makes me feel more alert and happy to be doing something :D
Chris xx

Monday, 16 March 2009

ICSketches #6 and #7

Well I got my head together last night and had a fab crafting session... cor what a mess I made though!! Wanted to catch up on a few challenges but blimey you'd think someone had gone through my room with a bulldozer this morning (couldn't be bothered to tidy up when I finished... that can ALWAYS wait till another I always seem to want to use something that is in a bag... in a box... in a cupboard or drawer somewhere and I make more mess looking for it by the time I've pulled everything out than I actually do when I'm making something. Bet I'm not the only one either eh... come on own up... you all do it right :D

So anyway this is my card for this weeks ICSketch #7 followed by last weeks Sketch#6 cos I didn't manage to show it when I should've so thought I'd share them both together in this post.

On this card I used BasicGrey papers and stamp. This is one of my all time favourite stamps...just love it!! I have a confession to make though... the lace.... I think it was meant to be used for lingerie... you know Knicker elastic... but what the heck... you wouldn't have known if I didn't tell ya right. Just can't keep my big mouth shut rofl.
My cute little girly image is from Lisa's altered art and while I was struggling wif me stash I came across this crown which I got from Karen at Scrapz and I neeeeeeded to use it... little bit big for her little head but she wears it well :D
Had to add me little bits of 'bling' and a bit of ribbon with a ribbon slider to finish it off.

This is my card for last weeks sketch ... bit of tearing going on with this one, edged with felt tip pen... which I also used to colour in my image, ribbon and flowers. Honestly the humble felt tip is just sooooooo under rated AND cheap as chips :D If you buy white ribbon, and flowers you can alter them to co-ordinate with all of your other bits and pieces as quick as you like.
The papers used are from Funkyfairys papercrafts 'in with the old' I just love these colours.
The image I used was a freebie from Funkyfairies blogtrain giveaway that I grabbed a little while ago. I was sooooo patient too cutting round all of the leaves and branches... really need to get me some better glasses or some fine point scissors though cos it took me ages.
ooooooh did you see that..... more 'bliiiiing' rofl. I seem to stick it on just about everything don't I. Finally a few layered blooms and Bob's yer Uncle.... all done :D
Need a cup of coffee now after all that.... drink about a hundred cups when I'm making my bits and pieces and I'm suffering withdrawal now.... bring on the caffeine!!
ooooooh yes and before I forget to tell ya.... I'm well excited cos I've been featured on Inspirational.... yeeehaaa.... I love Inspirational :D
Chris xx

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Digital layout - Batwoman

Well am I good or what this week.... 3 posts in as many days hee hee. Hoping to get some challenge creations done tonight... planning a get down and get sticky session :D Would rather have a sticky bun right now but it's amazing how when you get absorbed in crafting you forget the thoughts of chocolate and all things sweet... great diet booster... well for me anyway.

I bought a new set of scales (having left my others with my pal Chriss for our weigh in sessions) couldn't resist them a bargain at just under £3 quid from Asda. Bargains should be banned I reckon cos I am just a sucker for them even if it's for something I don't really need (crafty bits being the exception though... they are a necessity aren't they?) Anyway as I haven't been able to pay Chriss my usual visit and feeling like I had been extra good this week on the NOT MUNCHING front I hopped on the scales to discover with glee that I have finally got below the next half stone goal and in total have now lost a whole 1st 8lb since January whoooohooooo
go me ... go me... go me eee eeee rofl

Don't really quite know where the fat has gone but hey who cares.... it's gone..whooohoooo. Not that I'm excited you understand ;-D

So on to today's crafty offering.... I find digi scrapping totally engrossing some days especially when I decide to make my own papers and embellies... which I did for this layout of DD dressed up for a girly night out recently (she's gonna kill me for showing it so if you know her keep I did have a little help from some actions I got from Atomic Cupcake to make the flowers and knotted ribbons however and if you are into digi it's a fab place to visit!!

This layout is what REALLY prompted my jump onto the cos I soooooooo remember being as thin as DD and enjoying getting dressed up instead of dressing down to hide the rolls!! If I keep going though... as I intend to do... I will be able to wear something lush by the summer when the warm weather arrives.
Bring on summer!!
Have a great evening all
Chris xx

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Funky Fairies - Creative Designer

A wee while ago Shaz had a call for guest Creative Designers for the Funky Fairies Papercrafts site so I put myself forward and she sent me a lovely email saying she would love to see more of my creations and here are some of my first.
There are lots of freebies to download from the Funky Fairies Inspiration blog and also a weekly challenge on the Funky Fairies challenge blog so pop on over through the links and see what everyone is up to :D
Bit of a long post this one picture-wise but as I haven't posted for a while I thought I would give you some eye candy to look at. Feast after the
First of all I decorated this candle with papers from the' Doodlementals' freebies adding a bit of lace and some 3d hearts. The candle should be for decorative purpose only but in a moment of weakness I couldn't resist lighting it.... I put it out fairly quickly though :D
Next is a frame I altered with some of the papers from 'In with the old' this is one of my favourite kits. I patched some papers for the background behind the photograph and cut out a corner and hearts to decorate the front along with some chipboard letters.

I had to make at least one card and used two of the 'Dots are distressing' papers for the background. I just had to add some ribbon and bling too :D
I sculpted the leaves and stem from some matching card and added this layered flower from the 'Doodlementals' printable flowers that I used a water pen and dye based inks to colour.
Finally (was that a sigh I heard....rofl) I decorated a notepad block and tin with papers once again from 'In with the old' adding some sticky ribbon and some more chipboard lettering.... to make a desk set for my craft space :D
Okey Dokey that's me lot for now.
Hope you are all enjoying the weekend :D
Chris xx

Friday, 13 March 2009

Mixed media wall hanging.

Well hellooooo again :) Ok Ok I know I said I had more goodies to share with you last time I posted but as with all best laid plans... things seem to take turns and twists in my life and I somehow don't get to do the things I want to do.

So the reason for my absence is that I've been taking some medication that sent me off to la la You all know I'm a bit la la anyway but hey dizziness and computers just do not mix unless it's my usual blond dizziness that is :D

I am now taking some different medication and am crossing fingers... knees AND toes... in the hope that this one will keep me in the land of living and laughter instead of under the duvet and in the land of nod. Cor it's a good job I'm not a drinker or I'd never see
So onwards and upwards I created this mixed media piece on a visit to my pal Chriss a wee while ago and didn't get chance to share it with you.

I have long admired the work of a lovely lady Viola who creates the most amazing mixed media pieces.... check out her blog to see what I mean, you won't be disappointed believe me.
Now I can't profess to be anywhere near her level but I have sooooo wanted to have a go at making something that had lots of layers of beautiful lace and embellishments and this is what I ended up with.
Layers of ribbon, pearl beads and lace
all hand sewn to frame this pretty image which I stamped onto cotton with Stazon and coloured with a dye based marker pen. (Not sure whose the stamped image is but will share with you later)
The background paper I used on my wall hanging is my favourite from Crafty Individuals papers as I love all of the white flowers.

More lace, fabric heart and a lovely white decorative button from my stash that I had been keeping for something special finished my piece ready for hanging.

I think that this will always be one of my most treasured pieces ... it being my first and I'm so happy with myself that I finally gave in to temptation and created what my heart was telling me I needed to.
Thanks for visiting and hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Chris xx

Monday, 2 March 2009

Hybrid Altered Art Doll

Hi all... I seem to have been missing for an age... and I really have missed blogging so although I still have some 'stuff' going on I had to pop in and say hello and a huge thank you for all of your comments and e-mails of support :D Blogging pals really are the best!!
I have done a little bit of creating so I will share it with you over the next couple of days but forgive me if I don't get round to you all to comment on your fabby creations... I will try my best to visit as many of you as I can though ok.
A little while ago I downloaded Cen's loft free 'A little love' digi kit ( which contains some gawgus elements and fabulous papers) which you can find here and knew exactly what I wanted to do with some of the papers.
I have had one of these artists poseable wooden dolls for years and always intended to do something with it but never seemed to be inspired but I just loved the papers and knew they were what I had been waiting for to pretty her up :D
I had a grand old time ripping and tearing the papers after printing them out ( I love hybrid projects) and added the torn pieces to the limbs and head of my doll by layering and gluing in a papier mache fashion.
The joints, hands and feet were coloured with felt tip pen... heh heh... much less messy than paint and because the wood is quite bare the ink sinks in fine.
I cut out a ladylike top from the green heart paper and also punched out a flower to add a corsage to her waist using a circle of fringed paper and a button for layering, inking the edges of the flower for more definition. I crumpled the paper for the skirt before smoothing with my hands and cut it out with a bit of an angle so that I could add this gorgeous lace to the bottom of it and finally gave her a pair of shoes by drawing them on with a darker pen.
She will now have pride of place in my craft room and will still be useable to sketch with and it will be fun to change her pose as the mood takes me.

See u soon
Chris xx