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A New Year and a New beginning... I have created a new blog filled with old and new art. It is time for me to focus on something new. I will be leaving this blog open for inspiration and so I can look back at what I have achieved in the future but I will be adding no further content here.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Doodling or Decorating?

The felt tip pens are getting some hammer right now... so relaxing this doodling lark and all I need is my pens and a sketch pad.... just as well cos I still can't find things. I've a million (ok teensy weensy bit of exaggeration there lol) boxes still to unpack before normality resumes.
It's sooooo nice for all the painting to be done though.... hopefully soon I can do a creative sort of painting instead of the necessary kind. So more pics of the refurb so you can see what I've been up to... my bedroom this time.
Wanted a white bedhead so had to paint it... enamel paint is ace!!

Lots of stripping a preparing to do but this room wasn't as major a job as some of the others...
and as red is my favourite colour of all time I had to use it here although it's more of a deep cherry red so it's not so in your face.

I painted the wardrobes with enamel paint too because previously they were teak effect. The pictures are just framed wallpaper :D Gotta be frugal sometimes and besides I had no time to make any so they will probably be updated when I do.
Had to use another huge paper lantern in this room too cos I loves them.

The curtains were a 'steal' two pair made from a £6.99 quilt cover and there was fabric left over for two cushions on the bed :D

I hate cupboard doors in a room so I painted the door the same colour as the wall so that it would look part of the wall... so need the storage though so glad the cupboard is there.
and now you can see where I'm sitting as I type up this I have got a chair to sit on only it weren't there when I took the pic.
Finally on my bedside table are these little darlings... I seem to have developed a passion for them :D
Have a great day
Chris xx

Monday, 19 October 2009

Gothic Arches challenge - Risque

It seems like forever since I have taken part in any of the challenges... what with the move and decorating etc. So as I love the Gothic Arches I decided to go for this weeks challenge of Risque. I didn't think you were going to get to see it though!! Just when I'd got my Internet back and thought I was up for some fun bloghopping...huh my computer had other ideas :( I timed my other posts so I could just concentrate on catching up and then everything went tits up. I couldn't get on me blog...waahhhh ... I tried everything I knew but not being THAT computer geeky I was almost giving up the will to live... just ask me pal Well it seems I needed an update (never thought of that to Internet Explorer 8. What the devil is that about!!! Anyway so I'm back again with fingers, knees, toes AND eyes all crossed that I can stay this time :D I got this cheeky lady from Art-e-zine and tarted her up a bit (oooh did I say 'tart' ed...rofl)
I gave her a tattoo but she earned her wings too cos she's a good girl really. She would have been very 'Risque' in her day though eh :D
Thanks for looking
Chris xx

Ok now I am in shock!!! I'm typing away and without noticing the return key on my keyboard has decided to work again.... oooeeeer there are gremlins in my house....honest!!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Halloween fun

I love to doodle and I was in need of some fun me time... so for the first time in ages I've had a play, I scanned a doodle and used photoshop to colour it and with the help of the new Halloween images from Lisa's altered art I had me a hoot. How cool are these I did me a couple of atc's too using sections of the doodle
and these little cuties just blow me away. Can just imagine the mischief they could get up too eh :D
Thought you might like a play too so if you like you can grab the doodle sheet below... click to enlarge then right click and save and then you can print it out on an A4 sheet. Each piece is 5"x7" so can be cut into four for atc's or left the size you see. Have fun :D

hugs Chris xx

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Before and afters

I now have somewhere to relax and the hard work is over... now that I have time to look around it's difficult to believe that I've done so much... so I'm glad I took the pics so that I can remind myself NEVER to move Well at least not unless I win the lottery or summat so I can pay someone else to do ALL the work for me :D There were more holes in the walls than in a malteser ;-D The 'before' photos were taken AFTER I had filled in a trillion holes and then used a coat of thinned emulsion to see where I'd missed... as you can see I'd missed A LOT rofl... told ya I needed new specs, I mean look HOW BIG some of them are!!! and I still had to put lining paper on the walls when I'd finished filling and sanding.
Preperation is a pain....
but worth it in the end
The room looks quite small
but it's just the way I've taken the pics.... maybe a bit tooo close up... as it's quite a size really :D
and do you know what tickles me fancy out of everything.... the £1.99 huge paper shades from ikea... my brother is so tall that everytime he comes in, he ends up playing headball with them(no wonder he keeps saying they're the naffest things he's ever seen) rofl
Hugs Chris xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Check out my colour scheme... a few photos....

to wet your whistle... just like I promised. Just when I had almost given up the will to live... everything has started to come together nicely aaaaand.... I am back on line WHOOOHOOOO with bloody bells on (pardon me french if you please) I'm so excited that if I only had the stamina I'd be a hop, skippin' and a jumpin all around me newly decorated rooms but as I have little energy left then I will have to satisfy meself with being happy to be back and look forward to getting back into the swing of things in bloggy land and catching up with all my chums Yeeeehaaaaa. Oooooooh it feels like Christmas ;-D First of all thank you all for your continued support and friendship while I've been awol it's really kept me going when I've been hard at work and though I haven't been able to visit any of you online I have thought about you all often :D It has been an uphill struggle trying to do all that I've had to, with moving house but finally I can show you the fruits of my labour. I told you that 'Changing Rooms' wasn't going to get a look in and you will see what I mean as you scroll down.... nowt went I decided to let you see some of the nice bits first cos I have so much to share with you that you would be here for days so I will eke it out over the next few weeks. Don't want ya' all to be getting bored now do I. Crafting of a different kind I call this ;-)
The fireplace didn't fit with what I had in mind for my colour scheme sooooo it had to be re-vamped.
I scrounged this old rocking chair off of my Sister's Father in Law and it got the treatment too....
I think it was worth it.... anyway I will have plenty of use for it in my
Now this little lady gave me nightmares....honestly I jest you not. I have never re-covered a sofa before but let me tell you I will NEVER...NEVER....NEVER in this lifetime do it again. Well actually this one is a sofa bed but I digress.... it gave me the Mother of all headaches!!!
I assumed (wrongly I may add) that it couldn't be THAT difficult... famous last words, It took me hours and a totally sleepless night to finish it.....
but even though I cursed and almost cried and was one step away from launching the whole thing through the nearest window.... I persevered and won through in the end and I reckon the effort was worth it. I LOVE.... LOVE....LOVE me new sofa :D

I reckon you've guessed by now that my new found love of the colour green a few months back hasn't diminished. I'm loving it... in fact if I didn't think I would become really fed up with it too quickly the whole house may have ended up that colour... but I know that I am ... so I went for a different colour in each room. You won't have tooooo long to wait to see what I mean but give me a little while cos boy have I got some catching up to do :D

Okay I'm off to me bed now cos I've got some MEGA bloghopping to fit in tomorrow.... yeeeehaaaa!!!

Chris xx