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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

One for the boys....cute framed pictures

I don't seem to do boy things very often... it's just that lack of bling I guess boys and bling just don't seem to go together in my mind at all. More like where there's muck there's magic and DG is a great believer in that... the bigger the puddle...the dirtier the mud... the happier he is but then I think that big boys don't really grow out of that either, they just move on to car parts, oil and grunge!! These cute framed pictures are a wee bit too young for DG now (weeelll he's almost grown up being over the age of 7... cos don't you know you're a grown up when you start to play chess) He's joined a chess club...think now my agenda is to relearn it or be OUTSMARTED which is definitely not difficult, I mean I get whooped at Monopoly each and every time...oh the
Anyway moving on... a bit of colour today with these gorgeous goodies from Cosmo Cricket Jacks World designs.
They just screamed BOY at me... I just adore the blackboard shapes.

I started off just doing one framed pic but as usual got a bit carried away but as the frames only cost me £1.99 for a pack of 3 well it seemed wrong not to make a trio.

I removed the glass because I wanted the images to be 3d... and besides I can always use the glass for something else later... may even try some glass
I like all of the blackboard shapes but my favourite has to be the train... I think it's well cool.

Now for those of you who like digi stuff you just have to pop yourself over to Cen's loft June is giving away these Button Basics and what's even better is that she has a fab button making tutorial on her blog for those of you who are learning or wanting to brush up on your photoshop skills. It's available as a downloadable pdf file which you can grab for free when you pop over to get your freebie buttons. How cool is that. The CT team is also doing a collab kit to share with you very soon so I will keep you updated on that :)

Hope you have a great day
Thanks for looking
Chris xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris...great to catch up with all your `Fab` creations since my computor has been poorly!!!lol.....!!!!Wow!!!! you create beautiful pieces!!!:)TFS!!!!
Love them all...especially love your black and white combo......
`Thanks` for always popping by my friend:)
Have a lovely Day:)x

Pearl said...

O you do rawk the CC Chris ! Very fun creations with these Jack World papers. Love your black & white Bird feeder too ! so elegant !

sharon said...

rIGHT!!!!..that's it!!!, I'm away for about half an hour, come back to call you a nutter (bread balls n soup..yum yum)..rofpmsl also!..and you have been creating again, I so need to take a leaf out of your book, can you send your creativity in a nice big fat juicy pack my way please.;0), what ya having for tea tonight..ehhh???..maybe I may enter the bread balls and soup in Britain's Best Dish competition.

sharon said...

oohh..forgot to say...check on my today's post for comments...if thats not working??..I don't know whats wrong?

Chriss Rollins said...

Hey, those buttons are gorgeous and the CC papers if you have a little 'JACK' or a whole load of photos you havn't got round to scrapping yet are perfect for that....but just goes to show you dont have to keep the papers for scrapping your photo's.
thanx for sharing Chriss x
ps are you having tea with me tonight ..if you are tell sharon you are having Chicken chow mein.. home made of course.

Heather Robinson said...

Oh, these are wonderful cards. I love how you photograph close-ups of your just gives them the depth that they so richly deserve. Great use of colour too!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Wow! I love the train creations! They're really amazing! I laughed at the comment that you left on my blog! I make myself laugh. No, I didn't spend on QVC, but I did spend elsewhere! However, when you buy it on sale, does it count? I don't think so!! At least that's what I tell myself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris...I left you an Award you can find it on my blog...
Hope your having a lovely Evening:)x

vtpuggirl said...

So so cute, love this idea!

Sue said...

Those buttons are awesome . . . off to get these soon :-)

Loving your cards for boys :-) They are soooo "cute" yet still "boyish" :-)

Slept last night . . . wooohooo . . . feel dreadful now!!! Is there no winning here :-)

Bye for now . . . Sue :-)

sharon said...

who wants to be a lady anyway?, mmhhhh...unless I could get a nice outfit to go with those nice pink wellies I know the ones..rofl.x

carolann said...

These are so bright and cheerful WTG hun xxxxx