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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Altered recycled packaging

Wow...where does time go? I've had DG here for the weekend plaguing me to play games with him even though I'm "old...wrinkly... and have got old lady hair" rofl. Good job I don't take it to heart... I still feel in my 20s on the inside, shame the outside forgets and moves on a bit quicker!!
I've spent time colouring in... doing sums (heaven forbid) and playing cars, in between eating totally unhealthy meals and dipping chocolate in a hot drink, just to see who could leave it in the cup the longest, then getting it into our mouths before the melted chocolate was destined to fall into the cup. Oh the joys of being a kid again... even for a few
A little while ago an addition to the household decor of a couple of lamp tables produced a couple of these...almost boxes... in amongst the packaging. Now being the hoarder that I am and adding to that, having an electric light moment I just had to keep them until I could find a way to make them pretty. I've been playing for a while now so I can show you what I came up with. Lots of pics cos there is heaps of detail and the photo of the whole thing doesn't do it justice... so I hope you won't nod off and fall asleep on me... well at least until you get to the end of the post. I have decorated both sides of the box in totally different ways but will show you the reverse side another day, otherwise you will be bringing your tents and camping out at my blog for days...rofl
So here goes, this is the top of my box decorated using PM ready made adhesive chipboard embellishments which nicely for me had the compulsory bling already attached...whoo hoooo
More of the same chipboard in the form of a clock face and gorgeous PM Nostalgia warm paper as the background. PM vellum allowed me to create handmade flowers, while the large bling was more from my £shop find.

I decided that I wanted my box to look magical and I wanted to be able to see something new each time I looked at it so I made a paper toadstool but it has a secret....Are you still awake!! lol The secret is the little girl behind the door, the doorknob being a seed bead which will give you an indication of how big she is :) She's waiting to go for a walk in the grass.
The baby Queen of the fairies (from Lisa's altered art) is sitting out in the sun waiting to greet the butterflies as they return from spreading their magic around fairyland.

One sweet butterly (from PM sweet garden papers) returns among the flowers bedecked with jewels (habico bling and silver pen) with a message to all the good fairies (PM love chipboard shapes) because they help her spread happiness all around ;-)
Hope I managed to spread a little myself too... and here is the front view of the finished fairy box... so you can see what it was all about.
Thanks for taking the time to get to the end... I will wait a few days before I show you the other I DO want you to come back again ;-)
Have a great day.
Chris xx


Chriss Rollins said...

oh my god,
I went to bed at midnight but couldnt sleep it's now 3am... b4 I went to bed you said you may post your decorated box...well I couldnt sleep and so came down for a cuppa as you do and I just had to tune in and see if it was on your blog... Chris it is a dream, it;s magical, it's gorgeous I love it you are so gifted and I cannot wait to see the other side.
please dont keep me waiting toooooo long.
Your mojo is certainly back. I am sooo happy for you.
Thanx for sharing this gorgeous piece with us.
love Chriss x

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

What an amazing box! You have been very busy and inventive. Your grandchildren must love to come to your house - it sounds like such fun! I am also looking forward to seeing 'the other side'.

Denise said...

It's wonderful to have you back Chris! And I see, it's full steam ahead! What a delightful, magical box. Can't wait to see the other side.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time with DG I bet your the most fun Gran ever.
I love this fairy box its Adorable I especially like the little door So Cute.
Love from sesga xx

Dawn♥ said...

OMG OMG OMG Chris this is absolutely GORGEOUS and STUNNING! Oh girl you are so very full of talent. It amazes me beyond the clouds! Love it! :)

Linda Vincent said...

Wow Chris, this is an absolute work of heart. Looks like you really enjoyed yourself doing it. Well done you!
Can't wait to see the other side.
Love Linda x

Heather Robinson said...

My dear Chris....this is EXACTLY why I am so blessed to have found you and your blog. This just excites me. You know that you're so appealing to your grandkids for the very reason that you can make such whimsical and fantastical pieces. What an inspiration to me!

Kath Stewart said...

What a stunning creation Chris and all from a box that most folk would just chuck...I must admit I am a bit of a hoarder but never seem to get round to using anything and my craft room is shrinking by the day. Can definitely identify with the old body..young mind thing. Can't wait to see the other side...will be back

Rika said...

This is fantastic Chris!

sharon said...

flippin gorgeous, love the way the toadstool has a little door...which opens..aahhhh dead canny...
onto other matters..I have been busy tearing my hair out infact..but worth it..all will be revealed in the next couple of

Sue said...

Hi Chris :-)

Lovely to hear from you :-)

mmmmm . . . chocolate "floating" on my tea would work for today's HSMS prompt. Tasty treat too!

This box is awesome. Lovely work Chris, really imaginative and inventive. Beautiful.

Take care Chris :-)

Linda Vincent said...

I'm back again...thanks for the sympathy, sniff....sniff....

Marlou McAlees said...

tried leaving a comment earlier Chris, but wireless router went off line, this happens on a few blogs I like to visit. Hope this message works :) your project is absolutely fabulous!!! a lot of work has been put in here, hugzz xx

Unknown said...

How gorgeous is this Mrs?? S'beautiful x

Esther said...

fantastic work Chris! totally loving all the secret and hidden components! Enough of keeping us in suspense, lets see the other side!

SueHart said...

It's stunning. from nothing to something that is truly amazing. xx

Pearl said...

this is beyond adorable Chris !!!!

Too glad that you're back & have lots to show !

ScrapMomOf2 said...

WOW! This is magical! It's amazing! Just gorgeous!

Census said...

Chris...this is wonderful, truely magical!!
This has got to be one of your best!!!