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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Altered coasters and crafty day

These altered coasters using papers and images from Crafty Individuals are part of some of the things I made recently while sharing some fun crafty time with my friend Chriss , I love these papers and images, they are so pretty and delicate.I didn't photograph the second one very well...oooops but you get the idea :)
Now what I like about sharing crafty time with Chriss is that we just get totally stuck in and like myself she is really laid back and doesn't give a monkeys about the mess we make and boy do we make a
Chriss hasn't seen these pics yet... but she did give me permission to take them.... ooooer looking at them now it's a wonder we could find ourselves in among this lot...ROFL
This was the beginning of my part of the mess AND my workspace which grew threefold as time went on, I just can't seem to work at a table or standing up so the floorspace really gets a hammering, I put things down and can't find them and spend most of my time looking for things I'm sat
We obviously needed sustenance to keep our strength up for our crafting and apart from the usual pile of chocolate and snacky things that we fill our ample tummy's with... Chriss does make a real effort in making me feel welcome and usually cooks something for us, so we were sharing a cheese and tomato pizza and a pepperoni one............except........we were so involved in what we were doing that unfortunately we forgot about the first one and eerrrrrm it got slightly cindered..rofl We still ate it though... can't be wasting good food can we!!
This is a sneaky peek at what Chriss was making... it's totally gorgeous...I wanted to hide it in my bag and do a runner but I think she would have caught me before I got to the car. Audrey Hepburn is one of my favourite actresses and I was really jealous of Chriss's DG who is going to get to display this loveliness in her room.(ok I know that's not nice but I can't help
If you wanna see the rest of this stunning creation go pop by Chriss' blog ... it really is divine.
Okay sorry for the loooooonnnnng post but well sometimes when I get going I just can't stop :) Those of you who have spoken to me on the phone will understand.... eh Cos my mouth runs just as fast as my mind :)
Have a great day everyone...
Chris xx


sharon said...

ROFPMSL......that could be my the artistic pizza shot, very!!...
Having spoken to you Chris, I am the last one to talk!!, remember what I keep saying.."I'll just say this quickly before I go", still havn't managed to upload my pics..but I am working..honest;)xxxxx

Pearl said...

oooo lucky you ! how wonderful a time ! homemade pizza + a great crafty time ! Wonderful creations by you & Chriss ! so good to see you back at it ! lol ! what a wide range of styles you enjoy !

Heather Robinson said...

Oh Chris, this all just makes me wish that I could come and play with you. Your altered coasters are so beautiful and delicate. Glad you had a great time together.

Census said...

Love the coasters, great colours!! Looks like you girls had a great messy little devils, lol!! Pizza too!!

Great photos, they really added to us getting the atmoshpere.Obviously a great session!!

Linda Vincent said...

Hi Chris - nice to have you back in Blogland! Love the coasters and the jigsaw piece. And the salad looks delish - very healthy lol!!!!!
Love Linda xx
Thanks for visiting me and leaving such lovely comments. x

Marlou McAlees said...

oh fabulous projects Chris, sounds like you had fun crafting, love the Audrey Hepburn project :) xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris...Terrie

This wont take long honestly!!!LOL....
It certainly looks like you girls have the best fun!!!!Your creations are all all the creative mess!!!Typical of me that to loose something and find I`m sat on it....
mmm pizza and salad ...`yes please`......TFS!!!:)~X~

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

LOL! This cracked me up...because I see so much of myself in your creative behaviors! What marvelous results, and what fun!

Chriss Rollins said...

Hey you forgot to mentio that it ended up a 72hour crafting session wouldnt go home guess you like well cooked pizza.
love those coasters and the jigsaw piece.
Chriss x

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Really enjoyed reading and viewing all the fun certainly had a great time with Chriss...would love to have been a fly on the wall :)
Thanks for sharing your fun time and your beautiful artwork.