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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I needed a break for a number of reasons which is why I haven't been around much (not least because my mojo ran away!!)
BUT this little lady... CUTE POTATOE  :-D... who's Mammy Beate lives in Germany is travelling around the world and visiting lots of  wonderful creative ladies...this week it's my turn for her visit... whooohoooo.

She is in bed right now because she arrived last week and I wasn't at home bless her little cotton socks she has spent almost a whole week at the post office depot waiting to be returned to me.
 I gave her a great big kiss to say how sorry I was and she said it was okay... she would forgive me if she could have a huge cup of tea ... then go to sleep in a soft bed with clean sheets AND if I promised to be creative while she was sleeping.  Her wish is my command... how could it not be... poor little mite must be aching all over.  Not the best start to a holiday in England but I will make it up to her :D
She has already been to visit Helga in Germany and Anni in Denmark and you can see what she got up to on her journey if you pop over HERE where Cute Potatoe has her very own blog.    
We will be back tomorrow so we can let you know what we are up to so I hope you will come back and give her a huge welcome to Bling-kin-eck blog :D
Chris xx


Karen said...

Aha!!! there you are, I was beginning to get worried about you Missus!

AWE!!!! fancy leaving that poor little dear at the PO. I hope that she has a lovely stay with you. Where is she off to next then? XXX

Gez Butterworth said...

Nice to see you ladypies. :D
Your blog is looking a bit smart. :) Have fun with your visitor. Looking forward to seeing what she does next!

Beate Knappe said...

she looks very pleased :-)))

Sally H said...

Ah bless her! If she'd been at our Post office depot she may well have committed murder as I have nearly done on several occasions! Have fun being creative x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad to see you are back. And hope to see more of your visitor after her rest, of course.

Lori said...

There you are! Good to hear from you again, and hello Potatoe! lol!

Electra said...

Wow, she looks tired. I'm glad she found you, you'll have her up and crafting in no time!

Unknown said...

I have missed you kept seeing your FB profile! I went mssing on Farmvile for months when my mojo went! no very creative so I ened up deleting that and the flower one hours and hours I spent playng silly games :0\ Any way enough of my silliness

Great to have you back and I love your new little friend can't wait to see what you made while she napped!

Love Dawn xx

HeARTworks said...

How wonderful to have a visitor! Maybe she wants to come and visit me in the Philippines? We have lots of great places to go here! Or she can play hide and seek in my messy craft room!!! Patsy from