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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Summer collage and goodbye to Cute Potato

Another gorgeous image from Lisa's altered art inspired this 4"x6" piece.  Lots of lovely summery colours before we lose the sunshine and to remind me of it when the darker nights draw in.

I love butterflies but don't seem to see many around now... maybe they have all flown to warmer climates :D

Now tomorrow I have to say cheerio to Cute Potatoe... everybody say  It has been a blast I hope she enjoyed herself.  She is moving on to visit Lorna where I'm sure she will have a fab fun time too.
Today she had a little bit of fun with wheels... after  she was so impressed with The Stig the other day she was excited to see my Brother-in Law's bike and my Sister (suitably disguised cos she's camera shy)  kindly offered CP a ride on it to see if she could give The Stig a run for his 

First of all she was happy to sit up front... but hey ho it was a wee bit windy and her hair was getting messed up... so she decided to climb up on the seat so that she could continue to look her best.  Well a gal has standards don't you

Now because the town where I live is famous for Timothy Hackworth who built some of the most famous locomotives of his time including the Sans Parell CP couldn't go home without checking out some of the trains at The Locomotion museum.

I almost lost her cos she was so tiny in comparison but she was having a blast climbing around... boy has that gal got some energy!!

I shall be sad to see her go ... but I'm sure she is going to have a ball.  The only thing that I wasn't quite keen on... about her visit... is the fact that I need to send a photo off with her so all the other girlies know who I am.  Still I guess she did me a favour cos being camera shy I haven't updated my profile pic for over 3 yrs.  eeeek how bad is that.  So  just in case you think a stranger has moved in... it IS me... warts and

Sorry I haven't had chance to visit any of you for a while... hope to rectify that this week.  Thanks for popping by and being so patient :D
Chris xx


Gez Butterworth said...

Mmm there's something special about autumn. I love it.. the smells, the feeling.. back to school!lol.. Great collage. Lovely to see CP has had a fab time. You are looking lovely too.xx

Lori said...

Wow, you have long hair now! lol! Fabby pic of you, btw. And we'll miss CP, too funny! Your card is absolutely gorgeous, just love all the nature stuff goin' on.

flutterbycrafter said...

Lovely work, gosh you do look different, but nice.

My Creative House said...

Cris it seems that CP has had a fun and really nice time with you, she looks so small from up on the locomotive, give her a hug from me before sending her to Lorna.
Hugs Anni

Sandy said...

Oh so darling and yummy collage.
Awesome art. Love them.

Karen said...

ooo look glam in your photo darling! Awe....CP looks like she has had a whale of a time with you & will need a rest!!! But isn't she a daredevil????? going on a bike without a helmet hahaha


Linby said...

Great post. Oooh you look different, noticed your new photo soon as I got to your blog - very glam.

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Nice to 'see' you Chris! You look fabulous! Now don't be sad about Sweet Potato having to go away. I am sure she will get messages to you about how she is doing. What a time you gave her! Lol! Love the photos of the bike ride and of course the trains. She really is into different forms of transportation!!!

Electra said...

You're beautiful. But then I knew that. I like this one much better.

Unknown said...

Well Chris I really didn't recognise you. You look SO much younger looks like you lost a decade in the last three years, wow not that you didn't look good before but the colour and length of your hair have made a huge difference.

Love the Train musium and CP on the bike is such a hoot lol

Love Dawn xx