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Sunday, 27 May 2012

29 Faces...Faces 17,18 and 19

OMG I am a slave to my art but for once in my life I am determined to complete a challenge.  If only I hadn't started   Still it HAS been fun and has totally pushed me to do something which I'm glad of because I had been so neglecting of my arty stuff and this challenge has shown me that doing it does make me happy and I should do something every day.

I won't waffle on just share with you a little about each face.... Face#17 is hand drawn and coloured digitally.....

Face#18 is painted with watercolour on top of a Dylusions ink background....

and finally Face#19 is a pencil sketch which is my favourite thing to do.... so relaxing!

Thanks for looking... back with another three tomorrow.
Chris xx


Jenny said...

Oh Chris... they are GORGEOUS!!! Love the watercolor on top of the ink... your sketch is fabulous...
and your first little one is just adorable...

Jenny x

Sandy said...

New beauties from you my dear Chris.
I love them all. xoxo

Sally H said...

All gorgeous, but I think the pencil sketch is totally stunning!

kristin maynes said...

Wow, these are wonderful! I love your faces!

Lesley said...

Wow love all 3 but I am really drawn (no pun intented) to the pencil sketches you do Chris.
No worries on being late....I think we all lead busy lives and it is hard to create every day and post and hop around.
Can't believe the weekend is over.
Take care and thanks for commenting on my work as well.

denthe said...

All 3 are gorgeous. I particularly love the pencil sketch. Such a nice face! and those inks ... oohh, I'm in loooove ....!