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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Alcohol inks postcard

I am jumping in now before I get lost.... yep I did say lost!! I HAVE to clear out my craft room because I am getting workmen in to do some work soon and so far it's taken me almost two days and at this rate another two months won't see it clear because I keep finding things and having to

How I have the nerve to buy ANY new goodies is beyond me and if you could see my room you would understand what I mean... I can't walk...I have to climb over boxes, tubs and the stash destined to fill them and OMG what a chore it is turning out to be. I'm not getting any time to play and I want to...especially since I found some papers I had forgotten about and a Basic Grey notch tool (now how on earth did I forget that I had that...I haven't even used it!!!)

I seem to keep moving things from one place to another and making more mess than I started with... even though I have filled 3 huge bin bags with rubbish....eeeeeek how bad is that.

Well sitting here isn't going to get the job done... I guess I'm just putting off the inevitable so just a postcard today that I made a while ago... says it all really :D

I am dreaming of a lovely tidy (know where I can find things) room...
I am wishing that I had half a dozen fairies to help me get it that way...
and I believe when it's all done I will be a happier
So if you've got any fairies that you'd like to send along to help me with my mission... now's the time to do it ;-)
Chris xx


sharon said...

Fairies are flying down with lashings of fairy dust as we speak..:)

Sandy said...

Wow this is very impressive.
Stunning and colorful card.

June said...

Ohhhh its stunning my friend. Loving every inch of this one
Hugs June xxx

Chriss Rollins said...

Brilliant well done.

You seem to be further on than me I only have one bin bag full.. lol

keep up the good work missy and you will feel great with your achievement.

catch you later.

chriss x

Crafting Queen said...

When your done with yours you could do mine:-)!
Have fun.
Great post card, lovely background.

Heather Robinson said...

I was laughing when I read this because I'm sure that I can relate to the boxes and other goodies that trip me. How many times have I stubbed a toe on some dear art supply? Sure hope that all goes well. This piece is truly stunning. What a divine combination of elements on it. Hugs to you...

Lorraine Robertson said...

Oh honey I honestly do know how you feel.. my craft room is a bomb site at the moment. Started clearing it a few days ago, had a sore day yesterday so nothing got done & I've been out most of the day today. Got 1 or 2 cards to make tonight so the room will have to wait until tomorrow...
It will definately take me a month or two to get rid of the old & make way for the new...

Lorraine xxx

Kristen H said...

WHHHHHHHHHHH. That is the sound of the fairies coming from Chicago. It is so flippin' cold that they were happy to leave me. Beautiful card, I love all the colors, and so will my fairies.

xxx and good luck with your room. UGGH!

Carol said...

Beautiful card

DG birthday bash made ne giggle - looks like the boys had a really great time!!

Hope the fairies help tidy and glad your finding all your hidden goodies - and if you do find the helpful fairies please can you send them to me as I just haven't had time to do anything this week eek!!


Karen said...

I would send you faeries Chris but mine are a little bit wayward and would be bound to come home with little bags of goodies!!!!

A beautiful the way you have coloured it too XXX

Dawn said...

Hiya Chris
Oh I know how it feels - I've got stuff in every room in cupboards here and there then I forget what I have and it never gets used!
Oh I hope you get it all sorted you really will feel better for it!
that postcard is just amazing the colours are shouting from the roof top!
Have a great weekend!


Linda Vincent said...

I always wanted to be a fairy when I grew up...can I come and help you, Chris? I love organising things too!
Great postcard BTW.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris..Your postcard is fabulous sweetie...
Sending faries your way to help...
I would pop round and help but
1: I`m too far away...LOL..
2: We`d never get owt done for
No seriously hope your doing fine!!!!.
Lots of hugs coming your way!!!:)~X~

Dawn♥ said...

WOWzer this card is sooo very pretty! Love it! :)

Judy said...

Just keep focusing on how great it will be to have your room cleaned out and organized...hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Just catching up with you and enjoying every minute of it!

Jaqi said...

Stunning, fab colours, Jaqi

Kim Costello said...

Gorgeous postcard love the bright colours and as for the fairies I NEED them too! But it's possible they'll leave a glittery trail of dust... then I'd get distracted finding a way use it on a card!
Good luck you'll love it when it's done! Kim :)

Viola said...

Just gorgeous, Chris! Wonderful piece!