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Friday, 23 January 2009

There's something under the bed.... whatever can it be...

well it ain't dust for sure cos after a week of moving and sorting... puffing and panting... sighing and tutting my crafty space is almost shining like a new pin. I say almost because it could do with a lick of paint and some new floor covering but that's a job for another day.

After removing EIGHT bin bags full of hoarded rubbish and re-sorting everything that was left...I haven't got the energy to tackle any more. I've still got far more craft stuff than is decent for a girl to possess and I had to resort to filling under bed storage containers to allow me to have somewhere to walk cos I had boxes piled up everywhere.

I did have some help though... from the fairies that you girlie's sent However it was hard work getting them into action to begin with... they sat on my window sill like a gaggle of naughty school girls pointing and giggling at my meagre attempts to fight my way through the piled up crafty bits. Suddenly I heard the tinkling of a bell and this lovely lady below appeared and in the gentlest way encouraged them to help...she promised them toffee apples dipped in chocolate... hey even I would've worked hard for Unfortunately because my tummy is still hanging over my trousers I had to resist and do my bit just for the pleasure of it ;-) To thank that special lady for her help I did a portrait of her so that she could take it home and hang it on her fairy wall...t'was the least I could do eh :D

Despite getting everything done I haven't been around much because my mojo seemed to desert me ... I haven't been able to create anything in over a week... isn't it the strangest thing that sometimes you can sit down with your stash and your mind just seems to have a major block. It was beginning to really get to me so I needed some time out to recharge my batteries and after a get together with my pal Chriss my mojo seems to have returned. Just in time too cos it's time for the monthly Papergirls challenge so I will be back later today to show you my offering for that :D
See you soon
Chris xx


Lorraine Robertson said...

Any chance of you sending the fairies in my direction honey???

My craft room sure could use their help as I'm only half way through..

Glad you've got your mojo back.

Lorraine xxx

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a good clear out !!
I hate it when my Mojo goes missing ,it happens to us all at times,I hope yours returns soon .
Love from sesga x

Dawn said...

Yaay Mrs Bling!! Have been getting bling withdrawl - Glad to see you back minus your mojo but maybe a mojo fairy with magical mojo dust will sprinkle it in your direction when you start your challenge creation.
Can you send the heavy duty fairies up here so I can get my whole flat cleaned!!! It really needs the full works, walls washing down, skirtings, you know the type of clean when you wish you'd never started!!! Grrr!!
Love your little portrait and looking forward to your challenge outcome!
Oooh have some welcome back reward type thingies for you so stop on by when you get the chance!!!


Kristen H said...

Glad you are back, missed you like crazy.
I clean my room once a week and an hour later it looks like a 4 year old ran around in it like a crazy fool.


Happy Weekend.

Esther said...

loving the hanging fairy lights! Bet you feel liberated for having a sort out!

Sandy said...

Hello Chris my friend. I´ve missed you in the blogworld.
I wish you a great weeknd and your card is delightful. Really colorful.

Dawn♥ said...

Well just look at that super cute stamp image. Love it. and the coloring is just beautiful! Awesome! :)

Glad you mojo is back!

Kath Stewart said...

Great to have you back and great work getting your crafty stash sorted out....or is that almost..don't worry about your's just having a wee break

Anonymous said...

Oh my no wonder your knackered Missus!!!!!!
I bet you feel loads better for a good sort out tho Chris...
Your mojo will soon be back!!!
Send the faries to mine ...must get round to doing it soon...!!!lol..:)~X~