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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Big Art Adventure Challenge- Charms

Well my absence from blogging this week has had a lot to do with the fact that my body has been working the night shift. I've been awake all night and slept all day for most of the week because the little men working my brain are having a laugh at my expense...either that or they've been having parties and stopped working due to hangover induced coma'

While being awake all night would be welcome... if I would have creative boosts and be as happy as the proverbial pig in muck.... it just doesn't happen that way... especially when you wake up and it's dark and you feel like you should be getting into bed and not out of it. A certain fog descends and somehow no amount of turning lights on helps to illuminate the hours ahead.

Sitting without noise for fear of waking everyone else ain't much fun either cos even if you fancy having a disco so you can prance around the room like a marionette on strings... you ain't gonna have one... unless you are ready to face the wrath of the neighbourhood the following day and I'm not THAT

Anyway I think I've got it licked cos I am up and it's a little after 8....and DAYLIGHT whoooohooooo. After sleeping all day yesterday and grabbing a kip in the early hours I have hopefully got myself back on track... oh the little things that keep me happy :D

So onward we go and for this weeks Big Art Adventure Challenge we have Charms. This is completely new to me as I have never even thought of making a charm never mind put one together and I thought of giving it a miss as I didn't think it was my thing... but I'm so glad I didn't cos I have found me a new talent and another forthcoming addiction I think :D

So thanks to Linda and Rosie for encouraging me to think out of the box and also thanks to my good bud Chriss for sharing some fabby bits of old jewellery with me to help me in my creating when we spent some quality (chocolate free) crafting time together on Monday evening.

As usual once I got started they just kept coming so I have a little collection starting :D The images are all Artchix and the starting point for each one apart from the wings charm was chipboard shapes. I lurve chipboard it is soooo versatile :D
This one was covered with a piece of previously alcohol inked card which had been stamped with Crafty Individuals crackle stamp before adding the image and... ooooh look
Next piece was covered with a part image and a sentiment... the edges inked with black stazon and I gave her a bling ring and a crown sent to me by my buddy Karen (I got some cooool friends) lol You can also get the crown from Scrapz (see my fab places to visit).
My favourite piece of them all is this one thanks to this gorgeous butterfly and heart from a piece of Chriss' jewellery...oooooh I just love it. The chipboard was covered in coloured card again stamped with Crafty Individuals crackle stamp... the image was cut out and mounted onto a piece from an earring before attaching it to the chipboard with the other bits.

Finally my bottle cap charm has the addition of some ea ring pieces and wings hand cut from cardboard and then covered in some lush velvet paper that I purchased from Scrapz. It is soooo strokeable but unfortunately the texture doesn't show up well in the photo... you just have to take my word for it :D

Okay I hope I haven't interrupted YOUR sleep pattern by making you nod off with the length of this

I'm off to grab me a coffee and blog hop :D I'm having withdrawal symptoms now.

Have a great day


Chris xx


sharon said...

I wondered where you were missus, never thinking you were sleeping!!..ahhh, hopefully your body clock will have kicked in good and propa!
Check you out with all your gorgeousy blingy fav is the bling crown and ring....seeing as thats how I craft most days ;).xxxx

Sandy said...

Wow these charms are fantastic. So brillint details and most bling. Love them so much. You are so creative.

sharon said...

me????...I'm out of my dressing btw...still thinking of a dare..which of course everyone knows is coming your way now so you'll have to do it..rofpmsl...xxxxxx

Karen said...

ooo Chris, you have been a busy girl! I love ALL of these you clever thing!!! I have been thinking about this challenge all week and not had a whisper of an answer in my addled brain but now I feel inspired XXX

Unknown said...


I love them all Chris but my fave is the same as yours

Hope your sleeping pattern is definitely back to normal :) xx

Dawn said...

Well you have been a busy bee Mrs Bling with your charms and bling!
Sounds like you had a great crafty sesh on Monday because those charms are brilliant - I love the Marilyn one - I wouldn't attempt this sort of thing either without guidance!!!
Funny! since I stopped working I'm up all night as well and sleeping too late for my liking. Last night I was cleaning a litter tray at ten past 2 in the bloomin' morning!! Turning night into day I am!!


having a {me} day said...

Your charms are awesome! I love 'flirt' the best. Hope you manage to get back on track real soon.
having a {me} day

Pearl said...

Oh my ! Who would have known that you've not made charms before ! These are just darling , Chris !!!

Hope your sleeping patterns really soon ! lol !

Kristen H said...

These are awesome. I love flirt and ME ME ME the best. What fun. Hopefully I can get my scanner in sync with my computer since the sickness...and get some of my makes posted.
Missed you, glad you are back on days. When your clock is backwards, just come and stay at my house I think that would work, because I'm in Chicago. LOL

Anonymous said...

gorgeous charms hun :)

Rosie said...

These are just SUPER and you have obviously had so much fun making them! Have we started something here .....??

Thanks for taking part.
Rosie ABAA

Emma said...

Sorry to hear about your sleep pattern...its so annoying!!
Loving all your charms inpart the 'Flirt' one...fantastic.
Great to hear you are being good re the healthy eating...
Emma x

Unknown said...

All gorgeous stuff as normal Chrissy. Have to admit though, I was quickly reading the post and read the first sentence of the second paragraph ' if would have creative boobs' LOL oops.


Kath Stewart said...

gee whizz...your body clock was fair mucking you around...hopefully you are back on track...and me thinks you are...just loving your charms....oh so yummy....keep up the great work

Carol said...

They're great - didn't manage to join this week have that flu thing so no true crafting for me :(

Glad the sleep pattern is righting itself!!


Kazza said...

Gorgeous pieces Chris - I LOVE them all!
I hope you are sleeping OK now (and I know what your problem is - you have MEN working your brain - big mistake - change them for WOMEN - much more efficient rofl!)

June said...

Chris these are fantastic !!! Love every single one of them
Hugs June x

Linda Vincent said...

Chris - they are great; just your style...full of bling!!!
My favourite is the bird (is it a bird? - well I love it anyway!)
Never thought I'd use bottle tops in my art, but I'm growing fond of them!
Linda xx

Jen said...

I love your charms Chris, I was very impressed but thought "not for me" and then I had a re think. So cos of you, I am going to add another resoluton to the list which is to get out of my comfort zone sometimes when crafting.
Hope your sleep pattern returns to normal soon, I've been there done it but I was able to blame mine on my age.
Jen x

Dawn♥ said...

WOW these items are so unbelievably pretty! Love them! :)

Jaqi said...

These are lovely Chris, Well Done, Jaqi x

~*~Patty S said...

SO many wonderful charm creations! Super inspiration! Thanks for sharing these Chris!!!

D said...

Your work is just fab! So may beautiful things.

Rosie said...

So we share a surname aswell as a love of cool images Chris!! I adore your charms - the images are hot and your altered jewellery is fab!

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris..I hope your sleeping arrangements are sorted out now and your back to normal!!!!!
(Maybe the kids put a pea under your mattress princess)rofpml....
No seriously hope your well chick..Well sounds ike you and Chris had a fab time creating judging by these you certainly did!!They are all `beautiful`...Ilove your new found addiction..Well Have a lovely rest of the weekend I`m off before I creae a Book!!!lol...
Lots of love Lovely Lady...(((hugs))))

Anonymous said...

ooops!!! so sorry about my terrible typo`s :(!!!!~X~

sharon said...

yoo hoo locked yourself in ya craft room and can't get missus you..xx

Sue said...

Super charms Chris. Such talent :-)

Sorry, to hear your clock has been upside down and back to front :-(

I get this in a much lesser extreme but that's enough!

Lovely to see you back :-)

Take Care . . . Sue

Rena Sawatski said...

All of the pieces are wonderful, but the butterfly one is my favourite. It is stunning

Claireabelle said...

These FABULOUS!!! I love 'em