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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Before and afters

I now have somewhere to relax and the hard work is over... now that I have time to look around it's difficult to believe that I've done so much... so I'm glad I took the pics so that I can remind myself NEVER to move Well at least not unless I win the lottery or summat so I can pay someone else to do ALL the work for me :D There were more holes in the walls than in a malteser ;-D The 'before' photos were taken AFTER I had filled in a trillion holes and then used a coat of thinned emulsion to see where I'd missed... as you can see I'd missed A LOT rofl... told ya I needed new specs, I mean look HOW BIG some of them are!!! and I still had to put lining paper on the walls when I'd finished filling and sanding.
Preperation is a pain....
but worth it in the end
The room looks quite small
but it's just the way I've taken the pics.... maybe a bit tooo close up... as it's quite a size really :D
and do you know what tickles me fancy out of everything.... the £1.99 huge paper shades from ikea... my brother is so tall that everytime he comes in, he ends up playing headball with them(no wonder he keeps saying they're the naffest things he's ever seen) rofl
Hugs Chris xx


Susie Jefferson said...

You've done a beautiful job. And I feel for you re the sanding - I think that's worse than cross-lining!

Crafting Queen said...

Wow, you have done an amazing job!! Love it, you can come and do mine anytime!:-) Anesha

Karen said...

Oh what a gorgeous room Chris!!!!! It looks so calming to relax in!!! er.....I don't see any of your fantastic artwork in there tho! this the only room you did then???? haha HUGS XXX

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Oh wow Chris... what a job and what an end result... FAB FAB FAB
Caroline xx

Sally H said...

Wow! You have done a fabulous job!

Beate Knappe said...

how wonderful-congrads what a wonderful place!!!

Kath Stewart said...

what a gorgeous room that green...and well done you....lots of hard work but so worth it....big hugs kath xxxxx

Unknown said...

Oh Chris you've done a wonderful job and I LOVE how your colour scheme so tranquil and relaxing and very very stylish!!

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

You have worked so hard!! And the result is just fabulous!!!

Makes you wonder how all the holes got there in the first place?

Chriss Rollins said...

STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING... my fave colours green and black.
adding the white is fab.
Oh how I remember that room and did not envy you the work befre hand...but I sure do envy it be over soon to enjoy it with you... and the rest of the house.... I have seen some of the other rooms on my last visit and they are gorgeous too... cant wait to see them with all the cushions etc.
take care
will fone you later tonight.
chriss x

Kazza said...

Gorgeous Chris - love your colour scheme - so elegant and beautiful. I hope you take off your pink painty joggers before relaxing in your perfect room though (I can see those joggers have seen a lot of 'action' - painting and decorating action of course LOL).
xxx Karen

Rika said...

Wow Chris, what a wonderful place!

Dawn said...

Whooo double whooo!!!
That is one cool room Chris, now come on is Lawrence Lewellyn hiding behind the couch!!!
I love the colour scheme!