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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Doodling or Decorating?

The felt tip pens are getting some hammer right now... so relaxing this doodling lark and all I need is my pens and a sketch pad.... just as well cos I still can't find things. I've a million (ok teensy weensy bit of exaggeration there lol) boxes still to unpack before normality resumes.
It's sooooo nice for all the painting to be done though.... hopefully soon I can do a creative sort of painting instead of the necessary kind. So more pics of the refurb so you can see what I've been up to... my bedroom this time.
Wanted a white bedhead so had to paint it... enamel paint is ace!!

Lots of stripping a preparing to do but this room wasn't as major a job as some of the others...
and as red is my favourite colour of all time I had to use it here although it's more of a deep cherry red so it's not so in your face.

I painted the wardrobes with enamel paint too because previously they were teak effect. The pictures are just framed wallpaper :D Gotta be frugal sometimes and besides I had no time to make any so they will probably be updated when I do.
Had to use another huge paper lantern in this room too cos I loves them.

The curtains were a 'steal' two pair made from a £6.99 quilt cover and there was fabric left over for two cushions on the bed :D

I hate cupboard doors in a room so I painted the door the same colour as the wall so that it would look part of the wall... so need the storage though so glad the cupboard is there.
and now you can see where I'm sitting as I type up this I have got a chair to sit on only it weren't there when I took the pic.
Finally on my bedside table are these little darlings... I seem to have developed a passion for them :D
Have a great day
Chris xx


Kristen H said...

Love your doodles! And the new white headboard is AWESOME, what a slick new look!
Here it is, the free Digi-Tom!
Thanks for coming by and checking it out. I hope you like it! Have a great day! Have fun with him, and if you want, let others know about the free image, thanks!

Karen said...

ooo what another lovely room Chris! Good for you using a duvet coer for your curtains. I always buy sheeting for linings too as it looks nicer! HUGS XXX

Crafting Queen said...

Wow, another stunning room! Love that red. Anesha :-)

Sally H said...

Lovely! The framed wallpaper is perfect!

Gez Butterworth said...

Chris normal is boring don't ever want to do that! :-D I love your ideas of the pictures & curtains & cushions...BRILLIANT. I love the red too & your doodling is awesome as ever. Keep up the good work & best of luck with those millions of boxes.XXX

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Your new room looks so fresh and inviting! Love the cherry red with the white. And all the clever little touches everywhere :) I am impressed anew at your energy and creativity!

Nice doodle too. Have a lovely day!

Chriss Rollins said...

wow love it..i saw it before he make over and you have worked wonders...well done... I recognised those 2 red cusions you nicked off my

i m still not asleep as you can gather it's now 02 50... reckon it's gonna be a late one...I want to sleep but cannot.
Like you I have a million boxes to get through too... but not enough storage space.
talk later. x

Dawn said...

Wowee Chris you are rocking out those rooms - it looks fantastic, love the red and what you have done with the wardrobes...


Susie Jefferson said...

Thanks so much for your message of sympathy, it was very much appreciated. I haven't been able to face replying till today. Bless you!

Big hugs, Susie