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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Actions speak louder than words.... art journal page

I know these pages aren't everyones cup of tea but I am fascinated with them. The things that come into my head when I start to create a page and the fact that I can just let it flow from me. It is so cathartic...even if it means nothing to anyone else it means a lot to me.
The sheer abandonment of creating just for creating' sake just fills me with joy. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut as most of us do from time to time... but sticking, doodling and colouring often get the creative juices flowing again so that I can move on to something more structured. Long live the coloured pen and glue stick lol
Chris xx


Chriss Rollins said...

Once again amazing, understand your reasons to be creative with your pages.

great work and boy I wish I could bring out the journal pages in me.

chriss x

Sally H said...

This is like a portrait of me last week. I'm afraid I opened my mouth rather too much! Could you do one with a foot in it next?! Seriously, I've sorted it out now and apologised for my outburst, so this really made me smile!!!

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Well I love it Chris! I can appreciate all different forms of art, it's why I like blogging so much!
For example I don't create scrapbooking pages, jewellery or knit or create cool art journal pages etc. But I LOVE to drool over blogs that show those types of crafts.
Like you say the main thing is enjoying it right! I love to do my style of cards and I love that you love to doodle away to your hearts content! Your kind of art is a lot more creative, you carry on enjoying it, and I'll carry on appreciating your masterpieces!

Sandy said...

Oh wow amazing and brilliant piece. Love your fantastic work.

Karen said...

Oh just when I think you have achieved perfection along comes another one!!!! This one is magnifico in its use of colour my lovely!!! Absolutely gorgeous pice.

Actions certainly do speak louder than words, words are easy! You keep on going and like Chriss, I wish I had journal pages like these in me too! HUGS XXX