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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Punchneedle embroidery

You know how I love to try different things to stretch my creativeness if you have been popping by my blog for a while and I just had to share this with you. Punchneedle embroidery is the simplest (and quickest) embroidery I have ever tried.
It is so easy to create your own design just by going with the flow and changing thread as you go. I had no design planned for this piece... it was just meant to be abstract colour but looking at it closely now it looks a bit like a flower...tee hee... don't know how that happened but hey I am well impressed. If you haven't tried punchneedle embroidery before you really must have a go... it's so simple even DG can do it (and enjoy it I might add). There are how to videos on you tube if you need to see how easy it is and to get you started. Although I am only a novice with this medium there is some amazing artwork to be found online and patterns too if you need to use them. I prefer to just play... why don't you try could amaze yourself like I did!!
Chris xx


Artyjen said...

That looks lovely...I bought one of those types of needles off the local market when I was about's rusting away somewhere now...bit like me LOL

pinky said...

This is lovely Chris, had a go at this years back, very enjoyable craft.

Sally H said...

It looks like a rosebud! Fabulous

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Very pretty, Chris! I must try this sometime :)

Karen said...

oooo I haven't seen this crafting for yonks Chris! This is a lovely piece & yes it does look like a flower XXX

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wow that is beautiful you are a woman of many talents.