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Sunday, 14 February 2010

The humble pencil...........

Oh how I have neglected that glorious implement in my crafting and arty endeavours :D I have used a fine liner pen for most of my doodles and it is soooooo long since I have used a pencil that it seems completely alien to me. The other day I came across a bag full and got it into my head that I wanted to try once again to draw a face.One of my biggest regrets in life is that I am unable to draw lifelike portraits of people. I would so love to be able to look at a photograph and realistically recreate it. I have tried and tried believe me but somehow the capacity to do this escapes me. Maybe I haven't got the patience it deserves to create a masterpiece of my Grandson or Daughter or maybe this talent is born to us. Whichever it is I will have to content myself for the time being with re-acquainting myself with the grey matter (the one in my hand and the one in my and seeing where the journey takes me.

This one ended up a wee bit freaky but Que Sera, Sera :D
Chris xx


Unknown said...

Hi Chris

Well this chris is exactly the same would have loved to have drawn or painted watercolours, have tried but a real disaster, love the first one, the 2nd is a bit scary, and your dresses below love the 2nd, it does look like VW you should send them to her, I like them.
Chris x

Chriss Rollins said...

you go girl, there is nothing you cannot do and you will master it i know you will one day.

those eyes and her

see you soon x

congrats on the winners of your OHOW

Dawn said...

My mum got all the drawing talent I'm afraid - Your faces look great if not intense!! LOl
I once got my portrait done in Cyprus by this Russian guy using pencils and it was just mesmerizing watching him - He was almost in a trance - No wonder looking at my moosh!!! ROFL!!
He was amazing - my mum insists on hanging it on her wall - EEEK!


Sally H said...

Hey, these are no more scary than all those images so fashionable at the moment with no mouths (or noses either in some cases). I hate those others, but I love yours. The second has very powerful specs on, thats all!

Pearl said...

wow x 3 ! you do it all with your art , girlie ! wonderful work here ! love them !


Karen said...

Blinkin' 'eck Chris!!!! These are brilliant honey!!! Have you tried charcoal & chalk???

I used to love life drawing at school, my teacher was furious when I gave it up to do pottery tho hahahaha XXX

Debs said...

Chriss, you are amazingly talented!!! Just keep on putting that pencil to paper girl - you create magic no matter the tool you're using!
Love ya hun xxx

Artyjen said...

Love your creative :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Who says you can't draw. That face is wonderful!!