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Monday, 8 February 2010

Gothic Arch Challenge - Crackle

I had lots of fun with this weeks Gothic Arch Challenge 'crackle'. So much so that as usual I got a bit carried
The first arch had to be a bit on the 'love' thing as it's almost Valentines Day and I have done nothing romantic in my artwork of late so I thought this just might fit the bill. The words mean... "Remember Paris my love"... well I can't say I do cos I haven't ever been (cry...blubber...sniffle...maybe one day!!) Still waiting for someone to whisk me off me feet onto that private aeroplane (think Pretty Woman...heh heh).
Images are from Lisa's Altered Art (digital kits)

My next arch is a bit tongue in cheek... one of my sketches transformed digitally... 'tis sooo me.
I don't look like that(hmmmm although the hair thing sometimes goes on of a morning now my hair is but I am definitely unique... one of a kind... and definitely a dreamer!!

Thanks for popping by...see you soon :D
Chris xx


Dawn♥ said...

WOW they are both drop dead GORGEOUS Chris. Love them. ;)

Karen said...

WOW yur arch is gawjuss Chris...I love the background colours...magnifico!!!!

As for the hair...thats def me in the mornings....I like to go for the wild look hahahahaha HUGS XXX

Sandy said...

Oh wow fantastic new creations Chriss.
Both are wonderful. Love them.

Pretty-In-Ink said...

They are fab Chris! The first one is so beautiful and romantic and the second one is very fun! so yes! I guess that's very "you!"
You never know hun, someone still might just whisk you off to paris someday............. LOL!
Nicola ( mypaperworld )

Sally H said...

Both lovely Chris! That is definitely my hair too. Now it is long and straight I often have a fringe problem in a morning!

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

You do such beautiful work, Chris. I love those backgrounds too and the main images are wonderful!!