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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Face attempt no 2

Well this was my second go at a sketched face with colour and though I think she is looking a wee bit more realistic she's still not quite right. I gave myself a hard time over her nose but I think it looks a bit more 3d than the last

The distress inks are fab to add colour with my waterbrush and I think I am going to be using them a lot because they are sooooo easy to use. This little lady had a butterfly in her hair but I had to remove it to scan her (no batteries in camera) so I will share my page again with you when I have finished it. Constructive criticism welcome :D
Have a great day
Chris xx


Sandy said...

Oh wow this is beautiful.
Fantastic portait. Stunning painting art.

Karen said...

Can I have cheekbones like that too please????? These are coming on a treat my lovely HUGS XXX

Martina said...

This is perfect, Chris!

Sally H said...

Absolutely stunning Chris! She is beautiful and I love her nose! Love the way you have coloured her. I think if you really did want to make a very small adjustment you could give her chin a little more definition x

Mrs Mac said...

This is gorgeous! I really love your style! The eyes are stunning. Great effect with the inks around the image. Wonderful!

Thanks for finding my blog, especially as it means I've now found yours!!!

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Ooo I like this face, Chris. Can't wait to see the finished product but at the moment she is stunning!

Sandra Hall said...

Chris, this is lovely! The proportions are really good - I love the background too!

Electra said...

I love her eyes, Chris!!!

Gini said...

She has the look of Angela Rippon about her, me thinks?!
I haven't drawn a portrait in an awful lot of years as I got so fed up with them not looking right or as I imagined them, so I am so glad you haven't given up, I was always told practice practice practice. Not that that is an awful lot of help though.
Have you looked at Suzi Blu and Sharon Thomlinsons
portrait internet courses??
I'm going to do one of them later in the year I hope. They both look good.

Sounds like the onion didn't work then?