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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

oops is it March

well of course it is.... but I missed Valentines day with these atc's I did...duh!! Still better late than never... no point waiting 'till next year to share cos I truly will have forgotten about them by then. So get your romance goggles on...awwwww sweet love :D
Think this little man is a wee bit young for the love stuff but she's a little angel so it matters not.
This little fella has flown hundreds of miles to tell this little missy his heart belongs to her... chuckle chuckle get a load of that cheeky shy look ...heh her face.

Backgrounds done painterly...slosh, slap, slosh
Images all by Lisa's altered art.
Thanks for stopping by :D
Chris xx


Karen said...

Awe these remind me of a little boy that went to my daughters school. When they were 6 he turned up at home with a wilted bunch of wild flowers to give her. He was a bit of a grubby chap & she was so not impressed LMAO but I was, bless him!

These are lovely Chris XXX

Pretty-In-Ink said...

They are fabulous Chris!

Sandy said...

Gosh Chris these are sweet.
Darling ATC´s. Love them all.

Sally H said...

All fab, but the last one is my favourite!

Dawn said...

LOL so funny and these are gorgeous, cute wee things...brilliant backgrounds!!


Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Awwwww! Glad you decided to show these even though Valentine's Day is gone ;) They are lovely! Those images are just so cute and the backgrounds are amazing as always :)

I've been so slack with crafting this week. Must get to and DO.