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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Little Bird atc

Well this atc is technically a bit of a cheat... I say this because it was really a combined effort. The background was created by my pal Chriss but she didn't like it and was going to throw it in the BIN!! "Bling-kin-eck girl you can't do that" says I and grabbed it before she could dispose of it. Haven't you heard the saying Chriss me love... One man's trash is another man's
So I added just a wee bit of paint to the background (the yellow stuff...told you it was just a wee bit) and added this cute little birdie from Crafty Individuals which I coloured with distress inks.
I'm so glad I rescued it cos I think he looks sweet :D
Chris xx


Sandy said...

Oh wow a big applause for you Chris.
This is gorgeous. Lovely ATC.

Have a great sunday my friend.

Martina said...

This ATC is incredible and the background is super, dear Chris! I love everything about it.
Have a wonderful sunday my dear.

My Creative House said...

Chris the background is fantastic and the bird so beautiful, love your work, took a look around the blog you are so creative, it's a pleasure to see your work.
Hugs Anni

Dawn said...

Hiya me lovely!!

Well you certainly made that background own, love the birdie, it's gawgusss!!

Hope you're ahving a great Sunday


Sally H said...

I'm glad you rescued it too! Fab ATC. Have a great weekend!

K J D said...

Good save! It looks great!


Sandra Hall said...

You ought to be the England goalie with a save like that - great job! Love your wit too! x x

Karen said...

hahahahaha i can just see you rummaging in the bin to rescue this!!! It was so worth it my lovely...this is a great ATC XXX

Chriss Rollins said...

ok ok you were right it is a great background looks as tho the bird is flying high above the earth when i look at it it reminds me of looking out of an aeroplane window coming into land.

good one

chriss x

Rika said...

Wonderful ATC,
you did a great job!