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Friday, 12 March 2010

Walk tall art journal page

Got the dreaded lurgy again... just when you think that no more germs would dare invade your body they creep in and attack!! Spent 12 hours last night curled up in bed wearing my pj's, a fleece AND my dressing gown n socks under my quilt, in an effort to keep warm and stop the shivering. Hey it's supposed to be spring and flu bugs are supposed to be winter things wot happened.

ok I'm moaning lol... makes me feel better... just ignore me :D
Sharing another page from my art journal with you and then I'm gonna go make a hot drink and wallow in self pity rofl
Chris xx


Gini said...

Aaaw a big cyber {{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}} and a little bit of "poor baby" sympathy for you :-)
At least your Zetti birdie can't get a sore throat 'cos she has no neck! Sensible birdie!
She is strange and pretty. You've made a fabulous job with the journalling words, they look amazing!

Karen said...

Awe poor have had your share, sending you MAHOOSIVE HUGS...with very long arms hahaha

Gorgeous page & I second what you wrote, its a good phylosophy to keep in mind.

lovsa XXX

Sandy said...

Oh wow this is really facinating and absolutely special.
Unbelievable art.

Have a sunny weekend dear Chris.

Unknown said...

Ah poor Chris, did the hot drink work, I usually have hot port generally does the trick, love the art journal, stunning colours,
get better soon and if poss have a great weekend.
Christine x

Sally H said...

That's a fab page, Chris! I hope you are feeling better soon. A hot toddy sounds like it would do you good! Hugs x

Sandra Hall said...

Sending get well wishes from afar (so I won't get the germs!) Love your journal page!

Electra said...

Man! You make good art when you're wallowing in self-pity! Feel better soon, tho. :-)

maddy hill said...

oh wow Chris this is gorgeous ! love the bright bold colours together !

hope your feeling better soon ... a curry is usually good for a fever ... well men seem to think so lol .

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Get well soon, Chris! {{{Hugs}}} from em, too. I love your backgrounds soooo much....

Debs said...

Hey Chris, the only way to get over that bug is to SLEEP it off, not play til 4 in the morning!!! Have to admit I took a few paracetamol and had a late morning nap after muttering a few expletives aimed at you! But hey, I enjoy your art and your rib-tickling sense of humour, so I guess the germs come with the territory too!
As for the journal page... you're getting wackier and more colourful by the day - love it!
Debs x

Martina said...

Poor Chris!!Hope you`re feeling better soon!

Your zetti bird is fabulous! Stunning design.

Gez Butterworth said...

OOOOOOOOH Utterly gorgeous.

Thanks for showing us. I dream of being able to do something like this! You are a fantastic inspiration Chris.xx

Electra said...

Personally, I fancy self-pity for myself from time to time.:-)