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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Inchie fridge magnet

We all love to play with paper but sometimes there's more fun to be had by getting out the sloppy stuff and getting all messed up :D  When I'm decorating I end up with more paint on me than on the walls and when I'm crafting with paint I end up the same.  I 'm a serial handwiper on trousers kinda gal... which is why my wardrobe keeps
I played with a mini canvas for this piece adding lots of my fave colour red acrylic paint before bubbling it up with my heat gun to add texture.  Love it cos now it's all touchy feely.   The wooden inchie was covered with an inchie image from Narry at Etsy to which I added a wee bit of red brick distress ink.

I finished off by gluing a magnet to the back... quick and easy...and lotsa fun.
Chris xx


Sandy said...

Gosh Chris this is stunning. Amazing design. Love this one.

Have a sunny day my friend. Hugs.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Anything red really grabs my attention. Love this inchie fridgie magnet.

Joanna said...

Lovely image and I like what you've done with it (you still managed to get some DI in there!!). I didn't know the heat gun would bubble up acrylic paint - I like the texture it produces. xx

Unknown said...

that red really makes the image stand out.
Christine x

Shashi Nayagam said...

It turned out beautiful Chris!

Karen said...

ooo soooo pretty!!!! Why do I never think of heating up acrylic paint...DOH!!!

When I am painting walls I have to really resist the urge to paint pics with the paint first hahahaha


Martina said...

Exquisitely crafted, Chris! So beautiful.

Sally H said...

Wow! How wonderful! Love the red, and such lovely detail!

Anonymous said...

WoW i love your beautiful Canvas Chris.....You are a master of crafting all things beautiufl!!!TFI:)
hope your well..always a pleasure to catch up!!
I must give you a tinkle and catch up with things!!!:)xxx
Enjoy the rest of your week:)x

Heavens2Betsy said...

What a great inchy magnet - I'm loving this Chris - you've made me want to have a try myself. I'm a big bubbled paint enthusiast! Penny x

Unknown said...

Love this so much and I love the idea of using the heat gun to make the paint bubble! that image is so YUM off to get that one

Love Dawn xx