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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sunday Stamper challenge - red

Well I'm in a right pickle today... my hard drive it seems is failing and.either needs repairing or replacing!!!!  A message popped up on my laptop to tell me to backup everything before my hard drive fails... I could have cried especially as I only bought a new hard drive a couple of months ago.  I just can't bl**dy believe it (pardon me french).  Thankfully I have my old faithful but it is so slow you can eat a bag of crisps while you wait for the next page to load so forgive me if I don't get round to visit you as much.  Thankfully I can upload some crafty bits and  they will post automatically over the next few days until I sort out what I can do.... and get in touch with who I bought the hard drive off with a few carefully chosen words :( 
Anyway on to happier things and my crafty bit for this weeks Sunday Stamper challenge where the theme is 'RED'   oooooh tis my favourite colour of all time and I would dress in it from head to toe if only I wouldn't end up looking like a post

I love this adorable stamp from Paperartsy especially the cute little door which I added glossy accents to cos I adore the dimension and shine it gives.  Just adds that little bit of special to something flat :D
Thanks for looking
Chris xx


Crafting Queen said...

Poor you. Lovely project. Hope you get back online soon. Anesha :)

Karen said...

Poor you Chris, very annoying! Gosh... I have only been away 4 days & you have posted loads of gorgeousness!!!!!

Am loving Alice and your SCD piece especially honey XXX

Sandy said...

Oh wow colorful creation.
So fantastic art. Love it.

Unknown said...

sounds like you have the same problem as Anne, hope it is fixable, love the tag nice bolkd colours.
Christine x

Electra said...

I love your bright colours on this! Good luck with your puter, there's nothing worse...

Hels Sheridan said...

Just gorgeous art hun, thanks for joining in ... sorry to hear you are having hard drive probs... the only time I ever get really angry/cross/wound-up and annoyed is when my lappy starts to play up..hope it is fixed soon hun x

Unknown said...

It's a great stamp I agree! and all so bright

Love Dawn xx