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Friday, 14 May 2010

Alice Alice....

wind your neck in Alice...rofl   As soon as I saw this image of Alice in Wonderland I burst out laughing cos all I could think about was the saying "Wind your neck in" I don't know whether it's just a Northern saying but I've heard it so often as a warning to kids to stop being cheeky or boisterous or both :D
I think this image is so much fun and I certainly had a great time playing with it.  Different colours just made an amazing difference... the same girl but two different looks... don't know which I like the best.
The image and lots more from Alice in Wonderland and other childrens' stories can be found free at Grandma's Graphics (isn't that a fab name for a website) ready for you to print out and use in your crafting.  You won't be disappointed so do go have a look.
Chris xx


Sandy said...

Wow these are stunning.
Fantastic Alice creations. Love it.

Chriss Rollins said...

Me like the bottom best x

wind your neck in another saying.... you have millions and boy they are soo funny sometimes you have me ROFPMSL at what you come out with.

Just had a great catch up on your blog some wonderful STUFF as always.

Have a great weekend

chriss x

Unknown said...

Hi Hun I have heard that saying to lol

I am reading the books(bought in a charity shop of course 50p for both in one book, I realised I have never read them only ever watched the animation Disney version (love this film) but the book as always is very different and I bought it to rip up and use as back ground for my Alice stamps, but I thought I may as well read it first and I may just use photo copies instead!

Your girls do look very different don't they both yum! think the origional one passes the post first for me though

Love Dawn xx

Mj said...

Christ these are fabulous, must say that the image is mildly disturbing in some way lol

Mj xx

~*~Patty S said...

Love what you've done with the image, that IS an interesting saying, never heard it before

thanks also for the link!

Happy weekend to you and yours!

Sally H said...

Definitely a familiar saying here in Notts too. The different colours make your Alices look so different. Love them both - can't chose!

Linby said...

these are great - they do look so different in the colour change. thanks for the link - off for a nose.

Gini said...

They are so different from each other. I like the blue one best.
Chris I have had a wonderful wander through your back posts.

I'm sorry I was away for your palace template challenge.

So many totally different fabulous creations, your art mojo is obviously working at full throttle!
My hands down favourite is your bright and beautiful bird house.
Thank you for the visual feast and have a great weekend!

Martina said...

It's awesome, I'm just amazed at your creativity and your Alice creations :)
Well done my friend.
Have a great weekend.


Susie Jefferson said...

I love this Alice! Way too much fun.

Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog - wish you could come to the classes too - we'd have a blast!