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Friday, 21 May 2010

Tarzan and Jane.

Hands up those of you who used to watch Tarzan as a kid... he was my hero... whichever actor played him :D  I used to be amazed at how he could fight crocodiles and lions and fly through the trees..ha ha  the gullibility of childhood.  I was convinced it was REAL!!!

He always got his Jane too... she looks scared to death... but Tarzan will always protect her ha ha
Chris xx


Joanna said...

Aaaaarrrr-aaaaarrr-aaaaarrrr-aaaarrrghh (that's the Tarzan call, btw) - don't ya just love his waxed chest? An early metrosexual, perhaps. Fun ATC, Chris!

Sandy said...

So beautiful and great design.
Gorgeous idea. Love it.

Have a sunny weekend my friend.

Mj said...

Love it. It always amazed me how he stayed in his loincloth..... lol

Gini said...

You mean he didn't really do those things?!!
Jane looks like she's checking out the apes in the trees to me :-)

Psst - I also think George of the Jungle makes nice eye candy. He would look good nestled in amongst a bit of your distressed ink magic I think ;-)

LOL at Jo and Mj comments. I wonder if he had to use double sided tape, owch.

Karen said...

hee hee you are going to get some lovely comments Chris!!!

Now I loved Tarzan as a kid and really wanted a friend like cheetah. But as I got older I was the one who got into contortions trying to look under his loincloth LAMO!!!

Brilliant work XXX

Gini said...

Oya I'm back again,
I have just this minute been to have a look at the new website and guess what I saw on the home page; your colourful distressed Mona!
She is still looking mighty fine and in the pink!

TinaB said...

BrillianT!!! You do make me lol! xx

Sally H said...

Love your ATC, hun! I used to watch it regularly too, and it never really crossed my mind that he was always so clean shaven - does now though!!!

Electra said...

My hand is up-What do you mean it wasn't real????????????????